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Sunday, 7 March 2021

North Medford seniors making the most out of final football season

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North Medford seniors making the most out of final football season
North Medford seniors making the most out of final football season

The season seemed like it may never come at times, but now the Black Tornado seniors are soaking in every moment of their final year.

Good evening, sports coming to you live from north medford high school-- the home of the black tornado.

You can see behind me they're gearing up for the start of the high school football season.

Kickoff only 10 days away.

Getting to this point was a grueling journey for these kids-- and an even tougher one for the seniors.

It may be a little colder than usual for the start of football season-- but everyone is glad to be strapped into their pads and under the lights.

Especially the seniors.

"for us seniors, it's our last time strapping up so the best feeling in the world."

For awhile-- their final season wasn't promised.

It took the whole team-- their family on the field-- to keep their spirits high while they played the waiting game.

Tharon gail: "it was hard to keep your hopes up tryna to stay positive was a big one.

It was just going day to day trying to keep the hope alive that we'd have a season and have a senior season."

But now the season is here and soon so will be the best part of football season.

Chance costanzo: "just running back out there with my friends, because i didn't know if i was going to get to have that feeling again and everyone knows and football players know that's a special feeling on friday night so to just get that opportunity again is amazing."

Friday night's under the lights is still just that.

It doesn't matter what month the calendar is turned to because only one thing matters.

Steven turner: "it's football season and we'll play it like a season.

As far as i'm concerned it doesn't matter if it's spring or summer or winter... it's a 'now' type thing."

And right now-- there's only one goal in mind for the black tornado's season.

Jayden sandusky: "i definitely know that we're gonna go undefeated this year and that's the only goal we have in mind."

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