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Monday, 4 July 2022

Conservative Party (UK)

British political party

Conservative Party (UK)
Conservative Party (UK)

The Conservative Party, officially the Conservative and Unionist Party, and also known colloquially as the Tories, is one of two main political parties in the United Kingdom, alongside its primary rival since the 1930s, the Labour Party. The Conservative Party is current governing party in the United Kingdom, winning the 2019 general election with an overall majority in the House of Commons. The party is on the centre-right of the political spectrum, and encompasses various ideological factions including one-nation conservatives, Thatcherites, liberal conservatives and conservative liberals. The party currently has 358 Members of Parliament, 257 appointed members of the House of Lords, 9 members of the London Assembly, 31 members of the Scottish Parliament, 16 members of the Welsh Parliament, 4 directly elected mayors, 30 police and crime commissioners, and approximately 7,500 local authority councillors.

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