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Saturday, 16 January 2021

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Emma Thompson to play Miss Trunchbull in 'Matilda' musical

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Netflix officials announced the casting news on social media, with the two-time Oscar winner set to appear alongside Lashana Lynch as kindly teacher Miss Honey, and newcomer Alisha Weir, who will play the titular child genius.

This New Robo-Trash Hunter Could Clear Up The World's Waterways

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A newly launched robot is designed to autonomously collect garbage from waterways. Clearbot uses ‘AI-Vision’ to detect & collect trash. The robots are solar-powered & work as a team to remove rubbish. Any floating waste is collected through a front entry point. When full of garbage, or if battery is low, Clearbot docks to prepare for its next outing. Hong Kong-based developers Open Ocean Engineering LTD say: “we're able to plough through some of the muddiest, trashiest water imaginable, without breaking a sweat!”

Liam Neeson retiring from action films

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Liam Neeson is retiring from action films after two more he's committed to this year, because he can no longer keep up with his young co-stars.

Dustin Diamond battling cancer

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Publicists for Dustin Diamond have confirmed he is battling Stage 4 cancer after he was hospitalised for a mystery illness over the weekend.

Checking breasts during pregnancy

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For anyone that’s been pregnant, or is pregnant right now, you’ll know just how much breasts change during this time

It’s My Turn! Hilarious Scenes As Lions Use Tree As A Play Park

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It's my turn! There were hilarious scenes as a pride of kenyan lions hustled to use a tree as a play park. Cubs and sub adults jostled to claw their way up the trunk and one large female had a precarious time negotiating the upper branches. The charming incident was captured Jan 2021 by Paul Goldstein, a British Wildlife Photographer and guide.

Shakira sells music catalogue to Hipgnosis

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The Colombian singer has become the latest signing for the music organisation, who have already acquired the entire catalogues of Lindsey Buckingham and Jimmy Iovine in 2021, and 50 per cent of Neil Young's songs.