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Sunday, 24 January 2021

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Terminator and Sarah Connor join Fortnite

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cyborg alter ego and Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor are both now available in Fortnite making them the latest characters to be rifted onto its island during its hunter-themed season.

Axiom: The Successor To The International Space Station

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This is the successor to the International Space Station. With U.S. Congress wanting to de-orbit the ISS by the end of 2030, the Axiom Station is currently in line to replace it. It's described as “the world’s first commercial space station”. Texas-based Axiom has a $140 million contract with NASA to attach at least one module to the ISS. Further sections will be added, until the time they separate and become an independent entity. The project has attracted serious names, with rumours of Tom Cruise being one of the first visitors. Visionary creator Philippe Starck has designed Axiom crew accommodations. The company explain: “We are hosting private missions to the ISS, starting in 2021, and building the first commercial space station in our solar system starting in 2024."

James Blunt targeted in Ibiza raid

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Singer and songwriter James Blunt is on the hunt for his grandfather's pocket watch and other personal belongings stolen from his home in Ibiza last week.

Kevin Hart's wife Eniko Parrish breaks foot

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Parrish took to Instagram to take part in the"#howitstartedvshowitsgoing" challenge, in which users post a throwback photo of themselves next to one from present day.

Artist Creates Amazing Snow Sculptures In Their Garden

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A Japanese artist has created amazing snow sculptures in their backyard. Called MOKOMOKO_2015, the creative has fashioned characters including Minions, Pokemon and Gozzilla. An amazing Snow-shark is bought to life when a friend pretends to be swallowed. Mokomoko told Cover-Images.com: “If people are able to see these all over the world, I'm happy".

Aaron Rodgers Named 2020 NFL MVP by PFWA

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On Wednesday, the Professional Football Writers of America (PFWA) announced it had selected Rodgers as NFL MVP for the 2020 season.