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Monday, 11 December 2023

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Battlegrounds | Marvel Contest of Champions


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The trash on top, starts wars, hides cures, hides technology, keeps us sick all for control F all of them, especially Rothschilds/Orsinis

TZB Show #1 ~ 12/10/23


PURCHASE Toots Sweet’ Newly Released Hardcover Tabletop Book “Magical Musical History Tour” & ALL things TZB visit me at: : www.TootZBomb.com

🔴 LIVE Infrared Sky Watching Cam In Pahrump, Nevada Looking Towards NTTR


Watch a live sky cam in rural southern Nevada! The camera provided by UFO Seekers® is a 90-degree view of the sky over the town of Pahrump facing north. In the frame is a weather station that spins with the wind. The mountains seen in the distance along the left-hand middle of the screen are the Spring Mountains and Mt Stirling. Janet flights to/from Area 51 can be seen during the night stream over the mountains. The Nevada Test & Training Range is located behind the mountains. If you see anything please leave a comment or contact us with us a time stamp.

N30R1L37- SamariTaco1!


Practice, train, watch stream, learn. Fornite and Call of Duty served up daily, and the occasional Bible topic

Survey of Daniel — Session 11


Please enjoy this Sunday evening livestream of our study of the book of Daniel, delivered by Elder Dennis Schilling.

Soul Speak with Talya Pardo, Season 2 Episode 6: Railey Molinario, Love and Relationship Empowerment


Soul Speak has returned from hiatus and in this new episode I speak with Railey Molinario, Love Educator and Relationship Expert. During our conversation we talk about communication, compassion and vulnerability in relationships, how our society has created a "disposable" attitude toward dating, and some key tools to use in deepening and solidifying your relationships.

Sailor Moon Sunday s3 e11 'Minako's Dilema' ep 12 'Usagi in Tears'


This is coldfrost commentary, a show where two jokers ostensibly watch an episode of a show and talk about it, however that premise quickly devolves as you will see dear viewer. We quickly lose the plot, lose our minds as we have a good time. If you really want a show about strict Christian Textualism and etymology then boy do we have a show for you for as Brain amoeba has often said, “this is the most Christian channel on Rumble and Youtube” So sit back and relax and enjoy!

Food as Medicine | Better Way Live Episode #114


Join Better Way Live host Dr Tess Lawrie on Monday at 6pm UTC as she explores the significance and power of the food we eat with our guests Matthew Anderson and Christof Plothe DO.