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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Driver's License for all Minnesotans

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Driver's License for all Minnesotans
Driver's License for all Minnesotans
A Democrat effort

Com with this story to at the state house today, democrats introduced a bill to provide driver's licenses to anyone living in minnesota.

Under the bill, that would include undocumented immigrants.

Kimt news 3's samantha soto covered today's virtual news conference and joins us live.

George ?


"* d?


"*l l have been working to restore the ability of minnesotans of all immigrant backgrounds to gain access to a driver's license since that ability was removed in 2003 in the wake of 9?


House majority leader ryan winkler says 30 thousand children in minnesota live with undocumented parents ?

"* more than two thirds of them being essential workers.

Many of these workers work early hours with no way of getting to work.

Minn state rep.

Sandra feist says driving without a license puts those who are undocumented at risk of being torn apart from their families.

"when someone who has had previous connection with immigration enforcement ?

"* ges pulled over and arrested ?

"* they can get deported and that affects their whole family.

And that's just not right.

Backers of the measure point out that essential food and healthcare workers of immigrant backgrounds are at extreme risk of covid?

"*19 ?

*d are among those who are more likely to be hospitalized or die of covid?


Live in thank you samantha, winkler says the bill is largely supported by the catholic church in minnesota, state law enforcement, and the minnesota chamber of commerce.

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