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Monday, 1 March 2021

Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters bring professional basketball to the area

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Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters bring professional basketball to the area
Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters bring professional basketball to the area
Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters bring professional basketball to the area

And a team in terre haute.

Something you don't hear everyday..

But it's become a reality thanks in part to kent benson.

The new castle indiana native was an all-american player at i-u..

He was on the undefeated 1976 hoosiers national championship team... and was the 1977 number one overall n-b-a draft pick.

He's a legend... and he knows a thing or two about basketball... and he's used his knowledge to create a professional basketball league right here in the hoosier stae.

Pk} it's called the hoosier heartwood basketball association....and it was created in the fall of 20-20.

I spoke with benson...who is co-founder and chairman of the league.... bob petty who's an owner of a team and presdient of the league... and garry montgomery who's the director of community relations.

Here's the skinny.

Right now there are 4 teams..

The southern indiana timberjacks located in bedford, indiana.

The pendleton legends...who feature former butler basketball and n-b-a g- league player kellen dunham.

A team out of new castle, indiana...benson's home.

And... you guessed it..

The terre haute sharpshooters.

Players are paid anywhere from 500 to 2500 dollars a month plus bonuses... they also get percentages of jersey sales.

Petty tells me... they are incredibly excited about this league... and expansion is in the near future.

"we're just trying to take it slow especially with this first year and covid, we just want to be sure it's a successful league and make sure it's manageable.

We're being very selective with our owners--who we are choosing to be owners for each team.

We just want to make sure they are community based and are doing it for the right reasons."

Benson tells me they are looking to get 10 teams for next season.

They've seen significant interest from cities around indiana like jeffersonville... marion... and fort wayne.

So.....why should you care here in terre haute?

Well...the aforementioned terre haute sharpshooters is a start.

It features 3 former terre haute south players... 2 former terre haute north players..

And even 2 who went to indiana state... including general manager and starting point guard harry marshall.

Montgomery says.... people around terre haute say this is great for the community.

"in terre haute, there's such an interest.

I talk to people and they always want to know, 'when can i see it?

Where can i see it?'

Everywhere i go, the interest is there, so, people are just hungry for good basketball in terre haute."

Right now... there are 20 players participating in inter-squad scrimmages at the boys and girls club here in terre haute.

In fact... one was played on sunday january 24th in front of just under 100 fans.

It was an electric contest with the final score being 120-119 with a game winning 3 at the buzzer.

A regular season schedule isn't yet finalized for this season... but petty says these 20 players will participate in an exhibition season and training camp through the middle of february..

Then... 12 players will be chosen to participate for the season on march 1st.

The sharp=shooters are in action again this sunday, february 21st at the boys and girls club in terre haute.

The inter-squad game tips off at 7-pm you can get tickets online at w-w-w dot m-v-p results dot com forward slash t-h-s-s.

Or... simply buy your tickets at the door.

Reporting in terre haute i'm dominic miranda news 10 ////////


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