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Monday, 1 March 2021

Possible changes to city charter

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Possible changes to city charter
Possible changes to city charter
Possible changes to city charter

Power of two city boards.

Right now the rochester city council is considering what staff call a dramatic change to the city's park and library boards.

Kimt news three's anthony monzon has been listening in on the meeting and joins us live with an update.


Well katie and amy... as we speak... council members are hearing input from members of the public on proposed amendments to the city charter... which would remove decision?

"* making power from those two boards.

Here's what the changes would specifically entail.

If approved... the library board would lose control of the library fund... lose the ability to hire and fire directors... and no longer have the power to manage the library.

As for the park board... members would lose budgitary control... lose the ability to hire and fire directors... and not be able to accept gifts without city council approval.

Presidents of both the park and library boards have spoken out against the changes... arguing they would make them less responsive and not solve any existing problems. proponents say the boards have been given extraordinary power that should be left in the hands of elected leaders.

Now i want to give you a window into what we're hearing during "... and an asset to our city" in order to pass... all seven city council members and mayor norton would need to approve the city leaders will also be deciding whether to expand on rochester's bicycle master plan.

If approved... an outside firm would create an active transportatio n master plan... with the goal of further developing accessible pedestrian and biking infrastructur e.

The project would outline objectives... recommendatio ns... and performance measures to guide the city's planning efforts.

Staff say an upate is needed to expand and enhance rochester's active transportatio n infrastructur e.

The bicycle master plan was originally council members will also vote on whether to implement a new fee for historic landmark applications.

City staff say there are over 100 properties set to be reviewed for landmark designation over the next year.

They say each review requires research and resources... and establishing a fee for future applications would help offset associated costs.

If enacted... application fees would range from 100?


"*300 dollars..

Addition to a fifteen?

"* hundred?

"* dollar refundable thanks anthony.

And anthony is going to continue monitoring the meeting throughout this afternoon.

Make sure to stay with kimt news three on?

"* air and


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