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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Mocs ETSU Series Has Drama

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Mocs ETSU Series Has Drama
Mocs ETSU Series Has Drama
Mocs ETSU Series Has Drama

Year would make the drama department at each school jealous.

Chattanooga beat the bucs on a last second three pointer about two weeks ago.

And then last night, we had even more last second drama between the two rivals with u-t-c pulling out another heart-stopping victory.

Paris:"i guess we were both just trying to give the fans their money's worth."

Let's go to that fan-fun-finish.

Darius banks hit two foul shots to put u-t-c ahead 53-50 with 10 seconds left.

Mocs foul the bucs with four seconds to play.

They make one free throw and miss the second.

Bucs got the board and kick out where damari monsanto buries the three to make it 54-53 e-t-s-u.

But the shot was waived off because the bucs bench called a timeout.


So e-t-s-u had to regroup for another last second shot.

Monsanto missed the three, and the mocs won 53-51.

Baptiste:"i heard the whistle.

I was like man what just happened?

It all happened so fast.

After i saw the timeout, i was like we get to hold our breathe one more possession.

It was definitely a moment.

A hold you breathe kind of moment, so it was crazy."

Parrs:"they shot the shot at the end there.

They had called a timeout.


I just think i was so.

I was so enthralled in the moment of not getting the rebound that i wasn't even.

I wasn't even focused on that quite as much " to win when you score only 53 points is not easy to do.

Caldwell:"i think our defense obviously carried us to the win.

I think a couple of those guys on the other team had been scoring really well.

They had been hot."

Paris:"and then some guys.

Some guys being dudes.

And i mean that especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Just being dudes.

Sitting down and guarding somebody."> some day

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