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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Another homeless camp cleared out in Chico this morning

Credit: KHSL
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Another homeless camp cleared out in Chico this morning
Another homeless camp cleared out in Chico this morning

This one was at Boucher and Wisconsin streets right near Has Beans coffee shop.The owner of Has Beans coffee shop said he is running out of patience.

Now reporter dani masten joins us there live.

Dani -- is this the same group that just shifted from one off-limits city property to another?

Yes it is alan.

Take a look - you can see many people packed up their stuff and moved to this area right here.

This video from earlier today shows people setting up camp at windchime park after getting kicked ofthe area near wisconsin and boucher street - just a few feet away.

There were several people here watching the process.

I caught up with a few of them and asked what they thought.

"they are going through stuff.

They need a place to go.

I understand that people with houses are wanting their space back but these people are needing a space too so we need to find the human compassion in the world today and find a place for everyone to be."

// "city council members are sworn to oath to uphold the law and this is obviously not legal and so i am here to witness exactly what is going on."

# i reached out to the city to see if they were aware the homeless moved just down the street.

They tell me they did not know but will continue with the city councils direction to enforce rules and regulations in parks and waterways.

The city tells me people in this area have not received any notices of having to leave yet - but could be asked to leave very soon.

Live in chico - dani masten, action news now, coverage you can count on.

The chico city council was to meet tonight to discuss the greater chico homeless task force..

But due to a potential covid exposure, the city council has moved its meeting to march 2nd.


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