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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Winter Care Program

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Winter Care Program
Winter Care Program
Bobbi story at 5pm

When everyone's telling you to stay home...some people still can't.

They have to pick up essential medication or go to work to help save lives.

The fayette county sheriff's office makes sure that's possible.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine rode along with a deputy to show you how.

Phone rings, beeps: "hey, it's lieutenant colonel robinson with the fayette county sheriff's office trying to give you a call.

I'm in route to pick you up..."

With another blast of winter weather sweeping through lexington...the sheriff's office says it's responded to several calls from people needing help moving around.

"you guys doing okay?

I have my granddaughter helping me, i'm blessed."

Stephenie stamper is a nurse at bridgepointe senior living in nicholasville.

Stamper: "it's a little high there, so just take your time."

Making it to work to see her patients means a lot to her...and to them.

Stamper: "they smile when they see me come in, and they recognize me - some of them do - and we're here to take care of them."

Stamper wouldn't be able to get there in this without help.

That's where the winter care program comes in.

The fayette county sheriff's office started it 18 years ago...after the devastating 2003 ice storm.

Deputies take health care staffers to work...bring people to medical appointments... and pick up prescriptions.

Robinson: "it makes me feel great, again, our job is to protect and serve and a lot of people don't realize the service part - well, this is part of the service part."


Colonel rodrick robinson says the sheriff's office has helped hundreds of people just since last week.

Robinson: "the great thing about it is you get to meet a lot of nice individuals who really appreciate."

Like in-home care taker tammy johnson.

Tammy: "people are bed- ridden and can't get out of the bed to take a shower."

She thinks about how she would feel in that situation...bad weather..or not.

Tammy: "i would want someone to come help me out too, regardless, so it's really no days off."

In lexington...bobbi 36 news.

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