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Saturday, 6 March 2021


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We'll look at how the u-s capitol is preparing for his inauguration coming up.

Today is martin luther king junior day.

Coming up, we'll show you how the tennessee valley is honoring the civil rights icon.

"news 12 now this morning.

Your chip chapman certainly as love folks have the day off.

So if you're among ... you enjoy your day of ... recognition for dr. king now ... you cloutier there this morning ... to be about it ... .

Lotta sunshine will be rolling ... back in the forecast temperatures a little warmer ... towards the rest of the headlines are concerned, we should see bailey sunshine ... today and some rain rolling bac in ... possibly tomorrow ... will likely thursday might seem a little relative wintry weathe little ... by sunday of next week 30 wante murphy dirty to ellijay were looking at ... the 20 still towards fort ... david 38 here ... we get into the afternoon.

I should be hitting ... 50 are pretty close to it ... early morning on tuesday ... mid 30s and then tomorrow afternoon ... .

Maybe a couple sprinkles stin most of this will evaporate ... .

It's the surface of highs around 50 ... will have more about seven-day forecast ... coming up after the morning's top story ...president-elect jol take office on wednesday.and the national's capital is locked down with thousands of national guardsmen in place.

Meanwhile inside capitol hill lawmakers are preparing for the impeachment trial of president trump.

Cbs's debra alfarone has the latest as we cover the nation.

Pkg shaman yells newly released video by the new yorker shows some of the most detailed actions of the rioters who stormed capitol hill.

"we are listening to trump.

Your boss."

The pro-trump mob rummaged through the desks of u-s senators, believing some republican lawmakers would approve.

"i think cruz would want us to do this so i think we're good."

The nation's capitol has since turned into an armed fortress ahead of president-elect joe biden's inauguration.

"sometimes the enemies are a little closer to home."

Concerned about a potential inside attack...the f-b-i is vetting all 25- thousand national guard troops now stationed in washington.

"protect property and life."

Major general kendall penn told the arkansas national guard to stay focused on their mission.

"this isn't about who won or who lost election.

This is about us fulfilling our oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states."

Congress is investigating the intelligence and security failures leading up to the capitol assault.

The senate is also preparing for the impeachment trial of president trump.

"members really have to follow their own conscience" president trump's allies say it's time to turn the page with him leaving office.

"pursuing impeachment after leaving office would further divide the country" democrats disagree.

"it is constitutionally dangerous not to proceed."

Sources close to president trump tell cbs news he is preparing to issue a final round of pardons this week.

Debra alfarone, cbs news, washington.

Reuters is reporting that president trump is not expected to pardon himself because it may make him look guilty all agencies on deck right now in atlanta as possible armed protests are expected as biden takes over office.

The georgia state capitol building will have limited access until after biden's inauguration.

Heavy police prescence was protecting the building over the weekend.

Georgia's national guard leader says that they are ready to go in armor and protective gear.

Governor kemp has authorized up to 1,000 troops to active duty but he can likely use more if needed.

At this point we don't have any specific or substantiated threats to the state capitol or any other government buildings in the georgia area but again we are constantly monitoring potential threats."

Atlanta's fbi spokesman says that they've activated command posts in atlanta and across the state.

In a crime alert - chattanooga police are investigating a shooting that happened sunday evening.

According to c-p-d, one man was found on 6th avenue suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound.

But they say the shooting actually happened on clio avenue.

Police say that the victim was transported by ems to a local hospital.

If you have any information about this shooting contact chattanooga police.

Crews have finally found a missing boater on chickamauga reservoir.

Theresa parker of hamilton county was found around 2:30 this afternoon.

Parker and two other people were in a canoe when it overturned around 5:30 friday afternoon.

The two other victims were rushed to the hospital after being in the cold water on friday.

Officials located the canoe saturday afternoon.

Crews were using sonar to find parker.

But---harsh winds and water temperatures made the recovery difficult.

Several agencies were involved in the recovery.

Officials say that the boaters were not wearing life jackets.

Travelers on the interstate reported a house fire in the area of mountain lake estates in ooltewah sunday morning.

Tri-community volunteer fire department crews found the home fully involved.

The fire department says that the home was under- construction and was vacant.

Several agencies responded to the scene.

The home is a total loss.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

A tennessee man who stormed the u-s capitol earlierthis month has a court appearance on tuesday.

F-b-i agents arrested 25- year-old jack jesse griffith saturday.

The davidson county sheriff's office in nashville says they're holding him ... and he's not currently eligible for release.

The department of justice says he's charged with impeding or disrupting government business.

He's also charged with being on restricted grounds ... and engaging in conduct that impedes government functions while on such grounds.

The d-o-j says griffith used a fake social media name to talk about his involvement in the riot and an informant turned him in.

Another tennessean, 35- year old blake austin reed of nashville has also been charged for storming the capitol.

He is in the davidson county jail and will appear in court on tuesday.

As we cover the community - the chattanooga parking authority announces they will not be enforcing parking meters downtown in observance of martin luther king jr. day.

This is for on street parking meters only!

If you park in anywhere other than on the street you will still need to pay.

Cleveland's dream weekend culminates today with their 2nd annual doctor martin luter king junior march.

The march starts at 9 this morning at the bradley county courthouse.

Social distancing will be observed and all participaters will need to wear a mask.

The walk will last around 30 minutes.

It has become an annual tradition to honor the civil rights leader.

Now for a check on the forecast, s changing your day to morning chat aborted k ... to you as well ... be a beautiful day to celebrate dr. martin luther king any sort of outdoor activity should got ... looking good.

Few clouds are there this morning, but those cloud cover ... that cloud cover.

Rather, will be quickly getting ... out of the area.

31 and murphy ... , 30, of dalton were looking at upper 20s dealt towards lafayette so it's a cool and ... somewhat frosty start.

In some parts of the area.

Also, in some parts of the area you're lookin at a minor windshield.


The actual temperature in winchester is like 36 rather feels like 31 scottsboro 39 and feeling like 30 windchill factor up in bradley county is 20 windchill factor up in bradley county is 27, 380 here downtown wins ... not lodge a little bit out of the south and southwest ... humidity and 60% temperatures across the lower 48 ... last week for most of the week.

Chattanooga was the coldest out of all the major reporting settings ... .

Not so ... this morning area of low pressure ... cool from extending down to the south of these from a little bi of a trough of low pressure out ahead of it.

So we are seeing a little bit cloud cover.

Back in ... literally not going to get in the way but a lot of such ice today should be hitting 50 early morning tomorrow ... down into the mid-30s so pretty comparable to where we are now ... watching a couple sprinkles tomorrow afternoon ... .

Highs of 51 ... .

We do see tomorrow light in nature and should be ... well to the south of the city getting into the end of the wee does look like some rainfall be rolling back and forth ... thursday ... probably were to see this continuing to at least part of writing the heaviest of this also ... the south of the city, but i do think we are going to see enough to give us ... at least some degree of rainfal here to help the body in the weekends and colder air trying to work its way this for herself and some of it is going to hit but this dry spell for sundays not to be lasting very long does look like we will kick off next week with a little bit of additional rainfall ... that should be in and out though ... fairly quickly they'll tell this afternoon a lot of sunshine hig around 51 so it will be a little bit milder will have moral meds seven-day forecast this 10 51 today mid-30s tonight and 53 tomorrow we will stay in the 50 for the afternoon.

Highs most o the week ... ... , more likely, though to thursday ... right it is 10 minutes after 5 o'clock watching news 12 dallas morning mega millions powerball jackpots continuing to increase as there were no winners over the weekend tell you when you "you're watching news 12 now this morning.

Your news now."

Tax season gets a later start than normal this year.

And lottery jackpots continue to grow after nobody was declared a winner.

Naomi ruchim has those stories in this morning's moneywatch report.

Wall street is closed for martin luther king, jr. day.

On friday stocks fell.

The dow lost 177 points.

The nasdaq dropped 114.

The s&p500 was down 27.

When investors return, they'll continue to watch washington to see how it handles the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

When president-elect joe biden takes office on wednesday, he plans to roll out dozens of executive actions to roll back various parts of the trump era.while also calling on congress to pass his one- point-nine trillion dollar relief bill.

/ tax season is starting a little later this year.

The internal revenue service will begin accepting tax returns starting february 12th.later than the usual start date of late january.

The delay allows the i-r-s to test its systems after congress passed a second round of stimulus payments in late december.

Some americans who missed the two payments last year will be able to claim them through their tax filing.

/ the jackpot continues to grow after another round without a winner.

Tomorrow's mega millions drawing is estimated to be 850-million-dollars.the third largest of all time.

Wednesday's powerball is 730-million.the fifth largest.

Neither has been this big since at least 20-19, when a wisconsin man won a 768-million-dollar powerball.

/ and that's your cbs moneywatch report.

For more head to cbs

At the cbs broadcast center, i'm naomi ruchim.

2 of the nfl's greatest quarterbacks went head to chip chapman i got in the middle last little video clip there during the huge jackpot he was frowning, thinking, now what's the deal there ... frowning.

There is now 16 million ... .

I 380 right now.

Okay humidity of 60% ... .

I got to get a ticket little bit later on the day you can safely leave the ring your home, but the old thing will seize a few clouds there were to be looking at temperatures a littl bit warmer ... 4647's as warm as it got yesterday 38 here right now we're looking for high stay right at 50 i think most of us here in around the city ... will hit 50 and i'll get just a little bit warmer tomorrow ... will have more about seven-day forecast after this 10 second lower 50s through most of the week, probably hitting the mid 50s on thursday.

Wednesday will start seeing some showers will back into ... the cast of team minutes after 5 o'clock to the nfl's greatest quarterbacks breeze and brady that had the playoffs will have i from the rain and wanting everyone, and while gatorade or that breaking late last night.

According after dark.

The highe the fontanelle ... the new general manager fund and replace his former valve is anton dimitrov who aspired afte owing five darkness event going after thorpe is out there.

I fontanelle for a while ... and wait until the thing ... even with over ... which brings us to the final two games of the bezel around weekend.

I think i think tampa bay, but they're playing at this ever entertaining rivalry.

This year he found out that here when the greatest quarterback rivalries in and about his ... back on brady and drew three league jostle back-and-forth down in new orleans however think the plan a day right near my game is still relevant.

Receiver drake on man wide open yard that that however all the ... man 30 to 20 ... meanwhile, in the i-9 in the third ... not last long.

Had i down on an incident at the game sunday or starters.

We have the right her on boarding and training down here in the weekend in lambeau field ... , 305 the start involves third- quarter collapse against georgia thursday the 10th of drawing board entity without scored 20 times in nine and that their quarter ... australia however turned into motivation and we ... will now plan a sunday afternoon ... and i think starting with me.

I read one winding down by three and the fourth all-time after one lady often broke wide open and i can quarter horse, not tennessee by kale mario ran with that back in ny and evolving.

I gallon work in and another one on for good measure or the brak light weight and that h evolve ... while .14 ... .

Everything else is leaving from there.

David is with beth double 21 point and rebound ... .

He scored 28 and the third really hammering away and 80 ... use use is ... you are rich ... .

Jacob is on the country you come in the game ... in the world ... team ... exit lighting off and on their naming ... time.

Number country ... canada linen basketball had never faced the new coven conference battle yesterday thinking to life in three days as ... being the same team two times a year was our yard and mike's trying to do just that after demolishing herman ride a genuine come out adding cornelia drains that leave from the link dark big run.

Can you get deep in the net to leave her out of downtown open at 11 or lead in the first month is the art in ... eight walter reed i wait with writing the neck and for the paladin family and all the daughter being down and feed he, and he was young.

12 points for williams. i cut the paladin we had three point machine.

I'll only getting one time to drop trying to help her to come back however, nothing doing my vermin@you get five team went three ... team went 340 ... that the present life force in chip chapman monday morning, and we are all monday morning and milking day all quiet valley only interstate local road secondaries all clear in and out of downtown or to nashville october or atlanta for traffic brought to you by green trips.

Think you'd all transportation employees and first responders to keep us moving forward and w said thank you for the from the mermaid mattress ravaged better that the old sport needs 12 now with morning.

I think very much my love.

Another timesaver traffic update coming up.

Just minutes ... .

Minimal clouds will cease getting out of the area fairly quickly ... .

The precipitation can build bulbous operating ... it's the service all the way to hide it a 51 ... tomorrow is 53, 51, began on wednesday, maybe some showers late better chances of breaking ... thursday and friday ... i both days around the ... 45 minutes after 5 o'clock you're watching news 12 now thi money.

We'll tell you what you need to be on the lookout for coming up.

President-elect joe biden lays out his plan to defeat the coronavirus.

Coming up, we'll look at the action he plans to take once he's in office.

"news 12 now this morning.

Your jeff your new starts ... montanist meltdown this morning ... and ... going on about.

That's great.

It's also federal holiday no bikes, no post office stop ... .

The courts either go weatherwise.

Those can be hard to beat.

Considering we're in the middle of january ... .

We have a few clouds will be looking at temperatures knocking on the door of ... 50 some of the outlying areas may not have 50 but i think we will here in town 31 coalmont right now a very cold 25 in monroe and fort payne looks like 35 enrolled 32 in cleveland later on this afternoon again.

Highs will be closing in on the 500 mark in the early morning tomorrow pretty comparable to what we have now mid 30s throughout the area tomorrow afternoon may be a few sprinkle popping up ... .

Just think this would lead to an increase in the cloud cover actual chances of us seeing a bead accumulated ... .

Very low will talk more about that seven-day forecast are jus a moment right now with timesaver traffic is bad ... okay and i and good morning as well.

We are all widen the traffic.

530 on this monday morning light traffic volume reduction in space also notably estimates and today the federal holiday bank school government buildings all closed today so we will expect lighter than normal traffic volume throughout the day today and i was traffic brought about chattanooga state are you 24 over planning to return to college, find out if they can help you achieve those goals.

Tuition free.

Visit chattanooga state that you you watched again from the marine mattress traffic for that field music 12 now this morningcase w states.

Since then, nearly 24 million people have reported being infected.

The death toll is hurtling towards the 400,000 mark.

It took just over a month to jump from 300,000 deaths to this new milestone.

Debra alfarone reports from washington.

As we cover the nation.

Los angeles is the first county in the nation to hit one million covid cases and now it's facing a new more contagious strain.

Former fda commissioner, dr. scott gottlieb, told cbs' face the nation, this new variant is going to increase infections just when many were hoping to see a decrease.

"this really changes the equation.

And i think what we're looking at is a relentless strike from this virus heading into the spring, whereas infections really would have started to decline in the spring."

Vaccine rollout is still crawling...with people waiting hours and hours to get one...if they can get one.

Supply is still falling well short of demand.

I don't want to die from the virus if i can get a shot.

Vaccination super sites have been set up around the country.

So far, 12 million americans have gotten the vaccine.

The trump administration had promised 20 million americans would receive it by the end of 2020.

Last week, president elect joe biden unveiled his plan which would see 100 million americans receive a dose within his administration's first 100 days.

"we're inheriting a huge mess here jake.

But we have a plan to fix it.

The president elect laid out that plan on friday.

Five concrete steps to move us forward to make use of the vaccination.

New vaccines could bolster the supply.

Doctor anthony fauci says it should just be a matter of weeks before johnson & johnson and astrazeneca get their emergency use authorization from the fda.

Debra alfarone, cbs news.

The incoming cdc director predicts the u-s will hit 500,000 deaths by mid-february.

And that's before the more-contagious variant first detected in the uk, becomes the dominant strain of infection.

In coronavirus news - there were 334 new cases of covid-19 in hamilton county over the weekend.

Our number of active cases has dropped below 4-thousand.

1 more person died on sunday raising our death toll to 326.

214 people are in the hospital, 46 of them are in intensive care.

Chattanooga and the tennessee valley are mourning the loss of a great chattanoogan.

Chris ramsey passed away saturday after a battle with covid-19.

Ramsey was known for his involvement in the community.

He played a large role with the minority health fair and the bessie smith strut.

Most recently he was involved with coronavirus testing and flu shots within the african-american community.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the ramsey family at this time whitfield county will begin vaccinating georgia residents 65 and up today.

Vaccinations start at 10 this morning at the dalton convention center.

Local paramedics and volunteers will give the shots.

Only those who scheduled an appointment will be able to get the vaccine.

Right now all the slots are filled.

But, city officials suggest you keep checking the appointment schedule because some spots may become available.

Additional days for the drive thru clinic are in the works, but right now today and wednesday are the only options.

You can find a link to the vaccination sign up page on our website, wdef dot com.

The irs is warning of what they say is a new wave of covid-19 scams. since the first round of stimulus checks, the irs has seen more covid-19 scams and as they're sending out the second round of checks they're also sending out a message---bewar e of a new wave of coronavirus scams. some of the common scams you should look out for are: text messages about stimulus checks that ask for bank account information.

Deceptive, coronavirus- themed emails, or letters and social media messages that are used to obtain personal information.

"the irs is not going to email you, they're not going to text you and they're not going to call you and say hey give me your bank account information.

That's a scammer looking to steal your money."

If you think you may have come across a scam report it to the national center for disaster fraud.

Georgia representative marjorie taylor greene is temporarily banned from twitter.

The company says it's freezing her account for 12 hours ... for multiple violations put in place after the violence on capitol hill.

Twitter accuses her of going against its civic integrity policy by spreading election misinformation.

In a statement, greene blasts what she calls, quote ... "the borderline monopolistic stranglehold a few big tech companies have."

She says her views aren't inciting violence ... they're just conservative.

As we cover the community - the chattanooga firefighter's association held a fire ops 101 class over the weekend for elected officials and local media at the fire department training center.

The event highlighted the key aspects of a firefighter's job.

Participants got to work hands- on in various drills including c-p-r, fire suppression, as well as search and rescue rope training.

Fire chief phil hyman says that the event was meant to educate people about the rigorous activities that firefighters go through.

"today is a day that we're allowing city council members, mayoral candidates, general public, news media, to come and understand what firefighters go through on a daily basis.

Just to give them a snapshot of the hard work that they have to do to provide the emergency services that they do."

All participants were required to wear masks throughout the training event and social distancing was enforced.

Now for a check on the forecast.

Next on news 12 now this the tennessee valley, a few clouds here and there in the chilly start, but otherwise we are looking good.

I don't think you'll have anything to worry about rainfall wise.

Maybe a couple sprinkles tomorrow afternoon ... was like wednesdays probably going to be the next day we wil see ... that you pray 32.

Right now adults and and cleveland murphy 31, you are at 290 down lafayette's wild ... 36 factor in the wind.

It does lower the appear temperature outside in some locations.

Not every feels like 35 in dunlap 3 winchester ... 29 the appear temperature outside down.

Somerville, georgia here on south broad street.

We got 380 humidity of 60% ... little bit of a light breeze out of the south and southwest 29.9 so.


Right now in chicago, 42 in new york city, so there a little bit warmer than what we are ... dallas and the other side of that going a little bit cooler novel of high pressure right over the architects region was helping bring in some of this cooler air will see this during the early morning hours.

The afternoons, not bad at all times right around 49 to 50 ... .

We have through the late day rush hour today early morning tomorrow post office into the mid-30s tomorrow afternoon couple sprinkles may occur down to herself.

So maybe ... fairly mild 510 that's pretty much average for this time of year ending in the second part of the week does look like we will see a better chance of rai on thursday wednesday a few sprinkles may pop up thursday petting it to friday ... and then we'll see this probably getting out of the area, at least temporarily, maybe some showers popping up late sunday but it does look more like ... monday tuesday as of next week.

A lot can and will change between now and the point, but at least we can head ... does look like it'll have more sunshine.

It will definitely be warmer downtown this afternoon.

A high of 51 or ... on that seven-day forecast right lower and middle 50s for most o the week.

I don't think really get down to the 40s least here in town or a while mid-30s.

For the most part ... might bump in the lower 40s thursday night heading up to friday.

It is now 21 minutes away from sex you're watching i 12 now, this morning, what's new and what's hot at the consumer electronic show will tell you all about that and text bites chronic a lot more time at home that ha a coronavirus pandemic around the house now.

I like doing chores, so make robot care than oriental by grade meaning.

Let your dishwasher for you drain line 3 line 355 and working fro home artificial intelligence to respond to your behavior like her schedule and reminder time are you forgetting something important anymore.

Whether you're working or cleaning important to have the right to resign the time the boy an honorary electronic sound keep me from having to buy leaving her hair could just arrange my time i turn the dial on the glass and clearly you're on your home office.

Make time to monitoring for three and quickly make one for you here and making coffee ice cream frozen three.

The bullet ice cream or drink i your hand winding down for the day.

Lots in the art might be right on ... his name tag.

I like the order and find the screen you want to n morning interstate variable quiet and well-behaved.

Right now my traffic volume on the body can expect under the normal traffic volume.

All good right now in and out of downtown or t national october him or atlanta tractor broke the bike trips i think you told transportation employees, first responders, and i want workers keeping of movie board we say thank you fo that from the mermaid mattress traffic to that field for news 12 mail this morningactor david auctioning off this car ... that looks like "kitt" from his '80s t-v show "knight rider."

It didn't appear on television ... and it's certainly not a talking supercomputer like the car in the series.

But, it's the hoff's personal pontiac firebird trans am ... styled like his vehicular co- star, complete with the colorful dash.

The current bid is half a million dollars ... far above the estimate.

Hasselhoff says ... if the price comes in 25 percent above the reserve figure ... he'll deliver the car himself.

=== are you searching for a new job.

How about driving a gigantic hot dog?

Kraft heinz is looking a team of so-called "hotdoggers" to drive the 27-foot orange and yellow vehicle across the country.

The "lucky dogs" who get hired will stop at more than two- hundred events ... create social media content ... and do news interviews.

The company says it's looking for outgoing college graduates with a love of adventure.

Carl mayer created the first wienermobile in 19-36.

=== take a look at this picture -- nope that's not the earth with a filter over it.

Scientists are actually calling this a "super earth" astronomers have just discovered this hot and rocky exo-planet-- orbiting one of the oldest stars in our milky way galaxy.

It's called an exo-planet because it's located outside our solar system.

The new discovery is about 50 percent bigger than the earth-- and it has three times the mass--which is why astronomers call it a super- earth.

Only one problem...the average temperature is over 3-thousand degrees.

It's estimated that the planet is 10 billion years old.

=== a record has just been set for the most expensive batman comic book to ever be publicly sold.

Someone bought a near mint condition issue of batman number one for a whopping two point two million dollars.

The vintage issue was published in 19-40.

It sold as part of heritage auctions' comics and comic art events.

The comic book features the first appearances of iconic villains the joker and catwoman.

It had been in the hands of one collector and his family for more than 40 years.

The hollywood reporter says the collector bought the comic in 19-79 for just three thousand dollars.

=== pope francis now has his own atlanta hawks jersey ...which celebrates the legacy of doctor martin luther king junior.

In november, the pope and n-b-a players met to talk about economic inequality and social justice.

The hawks will wear m-l-k jerseys for monday's game ... as part of their commitment to those values.

The team sent this jersey to the pope ... and this is him blessing and signing it friday.

The pope signed the jersey on martin luther king junior's birthday.

Coming up next hour, e-p-b honors the civil rights activist hard to think of the comic book of the baseball cards ... for me or my mother's tears.

Lastly, there was a botched and some of them were ... a little valuable.

There's an account there are in christ so that after four.

The amount of ... baseball cards.

Patrick has his it would fill ... this room ... it's a botched understand ... side we have much more had uninstalled down this morning a our evening the honors, the civil rights act of s martin junior went there later on to all of the what it means for the phenix city verse the irs starting even earlier than morning.

Your news now."

If you want to get a jump on your taxes... you now can.

The i-r-s's free file is open.

The government agency works with private companies to help americans prepare and file their taxes.

The service is available to anyone who makes adjusted gross income of 72-thousand dollars or less.

Because of the pandemic and stimulus payments -- the i-r-s will not start accepting federal tax returns until february 12th.

Thousands of amazon warehouse workers are voting on whether to unionize.

It's happening at the e-commerce giant's warehouse in bessemer, alabama -- which is just outside birmingham.

About six thousand full- time, part-time, and seasonal workers will be allowed to cast mail-in ballots starting february 8th.

If they vote yes... the warehouse would become amazon's first in the u-s to have a unionized work force.

In today's local steal and deals, lisa robertson has an effective way to cut down on wasting paper.

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