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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

christian appalachian project phoner 2.22.21

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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christian appalachian project phoner 2.22.21
christian appalachian project phoner 2.22.21
christian appalachian project phoner 2.22.21

... will call the heatwave.

I'll take it.

I think alyssa for over 50 years the christian appalachian project to serve th people of appalachia by buildin hope transforming lives and als sharing christian love their donor support dedicated volunteers and a selfless staff officer called now touches the lives of more than 1 million people each year during us by phone out all the details on ho you can help is the assistant director of communication tina bryson think for jan a morning absolutely okay first start off with an overview of what it is the dozen who you guys are ... you help is a service organization that when needed appalachia so primarily odd about county and then we have a in erie county with which we service will program everything that serves children like in early the education program but food bank and then we also help senior appearing and one in-hom visit.

So a variety of is that that help families have been just incredibly busy lately jus with those recent winter storms that we've had it on top of tha, of course, pandemic health centers what you have had to do recently in terms of helping well, pandemic than it down to every body we want to be creative in how to have the local coaches in our immunity to continue to provide food people who were really struggling with really short erica before the pandemic yet what that added to the talent and now whether highway would burden with like county schools openable alter without power party without creating a shareware how you were getting needed people and out this week in the weeks to come help with out freely (home living damage to the storm so that you really problem has bee very busy.

I wonder whether in a way to continue to help google where there may be an absolutel incredible work there.

Part of this to is all of the health and report you mentioned some of those groups of people are watching.

How can i get involve and help you ... i at all hard see a i eia in app are by now, many way to get involved you know as donors to help people about the services, but we always people barbecue the well below that may be looking for me to be here in th state certainly come out to apple at help us help families and so the variety away got a web by wealth media that are in fall with you and keep up the good work soliloquy and if you are watching right now in there something that they think maybe they can do and maybe up to the plate help is there anything in particular you guys are looking for right now this immediate term locally in one of those our primary service areas for data will be looking to help with collect.

I don't know if you're near a and create our capital county.

I do want to collect even here in like 10 would be more than happy to get that work entry.

Am i know all all donations a couple of the stress that dalton need the great need.

So always, always outweigh the guilty party that you and continue to look for ways weather clears up to be looking for the come out here zoning and experience to help them become the weather and also that was already needing repair part so all the on the web by of how to get plug in how to give make sure that others can go th so many ways to help a course a wonderful organization to you.

Thanks for chatting with us and

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