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Julian Lewis: British politician
Julian Murray Lewis is a Conservative Party politician in the United Kingdom, who has been Member of Parliament (MP) for New Forest East in Hampshire since the 1997 general election. Lewis is a supporter of the Eurosceptic group Leave Means Leave. Twice elected to chair the House of Commons Defence Committee between 2015 and 2019, he actively pursues the retention and renewal of the British strategic nuclear deterrent, the UK Trident programme – confirmed in 2016 – and campaigns for Defence expenditure to be restored to 3% of GDP. Dr. Lewis is the only member of parliament who does not allow his constituents to contact him by email. In a letter in the Guardian, he stated: "Letters, phone calls, and, where appropriate, surgery appointments are perfectly adequate for people who genuinely need my help, as the many letters of thanks quoted on my website fully confirm. Only mass, manipulative campaigners and obsessive individuals find this a problem – and so they should!"


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