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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Scarlet Pearl Casino employees receive domestic violence training

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Scarlet Pearl Casino employees receive domestic violence training
Scarlet Pearl Casino employees receive domestic violence training

Today employees at the Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort began a special type of training to spot signs of domestic violence.

Today, employees at the scarlet- pearl casino resort began a - special type of training to spo- signs of domestic - violence.

- news 25's grant chighizola has- more on how they teamed up- with local advocates to work- towards a safer gulf- coast.- - staff at the scarlet pearl- casino resort are gaining new - knowledge when it comes to- domestic violence awareness thi- week.

- sot-luann pappas: ceo, scarlet- pearl - "i think it's an important education again, for not just - our associates but their- families and for the community.- standup - "this training was mandated for all employees of the scarlet- pearl so that - they can better understand the- signs of domestic violence."

Presenters from the gulf coast- center for nonviolence and- yj empowerment solutions are- - - - hosting presentations on how to- spot situations of domestic - violence, as well - as how employees can help - themselves or others who- may be experiencing abuse.- sot-dr. yolanda jerry: yj - - - - empowerment solutions "we want to make sure that they- understand what is abusive, and- how can - they get the help, and how can- we offer the help and give them- the help that they- need."

Presenter dr. yolanda jerry say- the ability to reach and- educate hundreds of people abou- domestic- violence can have a big impact.- sot-dr. yolanda jerry - "some people don't have cell phones, some people don't have- technology, so- one way to do that is to be abl- to bring it in-house, to be abl- to bring awareness."

In addition to this training, - the scarlet pearl will continue- to- combat abuse by donating ten- - thousand dollars to the - gulf coast center for - nonviolence for continuing- education and support for - victims of violence.- sot-luann pappas- "it is for the betterment of th community, it's one of our key- pillars, is to- ensure that we do what's best - for our community."

Sot-dr. yolanda jerry - "it shows unity within the community, and it shows that we- want to make sure that our- community is taken care of."

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