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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Grants Pass launches 'Community Connect' app for emergency info

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Grants Pass launches 'Community Connect' app for emergency info
Grants Pass launches 'Community Connect' app for emergency info
The app will help first responders when they got out in response to emergencies.

Public safety is launching an app that will give residents important information during a crisis situation or major disaster.

The app is called community connect and it will allow residents to share critical information with first responders and emergency services so they can better help in emergencies.

The app also lets business owners and managers share helpful information with first responders.

Residents simply create a profile and enter critical property and personal information which is then made available to public safety agencies when they are called during an emergency.

The public safety department says that resident's data will be secure and will only be used in emergency situations.

It allows, uh, members of the city of grants pass that both residential and business to sign on and input their information about their personal residence or business.

They can add, uh, emergency contact information, special needs on the people may have there and giving us locations of electrical service, water service.

And that's only accessible to emergency providers.

Um, when we're responding to scene now, how is that different from information you may have already acquired just by doing your neighborhood reconnaissance.

I see the guys out in trucks all the time, sort of looking at things, how is this different and how will it speed you up in an emergency on the way to the call?

This information actually comes up on our mobile data terminals in our fire trucks.

I can use myself for an example.

I have a special needs daughter who does not respond to smoke alarms and will not self rescue.

So i can put that information into community connect and the approval received that information while responding to the alarm.

Um, we also were able to put things in there.

Like i say again, you know, emergency contact, we have to gain access into your house and we're a small re.

You're not home.

Wenae u the iormation of what'sing ono fire rural metro weekend, over the of what's going on.

You tdistrict that will be on ty 20-21 ballot.

The new district will be on the outskirts of grants pass.

According to rural metro, the measure will convert the area outside of rants pass from subscription-based fire protection memberships into a publicly-funded and citizen-regulated service area.

Rural metro says the new protection district will create public accountability, achieve a better annual rate, allow for more stable funding, allow for more district-wide service improvements and would make rural metro more secure.

Rural metro also says the rate for the district will be lower

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