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Friday, 5 March 2021

Some summer events may return this year

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Some summer events may return this year
Some summer events may return this year
Some summer events may return this year

Snow showers, but it doesn't look like a big system at this point.

We'll monitor the chance for snow this weekend, but for now we anticipate little to no snow accumulation.

Slightly colder conditions are expected for sunday, with highs in the middle 20s.

We'll continue with colder conditions for the beginning of march on monday, but it seems like the mild conditions may return after that.

Last year ?

"* the pandemic cancelled both the north iowa band festival and dancing for the dream.

This year, plans are in the works to bring both events back.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens is talking with the organizers of the events and joins us live in mason city.


Katie ?

"* right here in front f our studio on pennsylvania avenue ?

"* this is typically te starting point of the annual band festival parade.

Last week ?

"* the mason city parks board approved the event's facility request.

The event will happen on memorial day weekend.

Including live music, the carnival ?

"* and the big parade.

Chamber of commerce director robin anderson says organizers want to focus on the festival's original intent ?

"* live music from student bands.

Anderson says a band director from outside the "he said his students have missed so much, and they have been working so hard.

If they have to get up super early in the morning and come on a bus to go to mason city so they can have the experience to march in the parade, they're going to do it."

There will be one noticeable change spectators will notice along the parade route ?

"* no handous and candy.

Also ?

"* the theme for this year was changed to?

*- banding together and moving forward ?

"* in light of the events of the last year.

Live in mason city ?

"* alex thank you alex.

It is also worth nothing the annual dancing for the dream ?

"* which benefits "43 north iowa" ?

"* will be held june


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