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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Local agency clears up mass vaccine text message

Credit: KQTV
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Local agency clears up mass vaccine text message
Local agency clears up mass vaccine text message
Local agency clears up mass vaccine text message

Us, i'm alan van zandt.

Confusion over a vaccine text message sent out this morning-now cleared up.

Turns out- 1,200 st joseph residents weren't the target of a mass spam text.

We just learned in the past hour that a text message sent out this morning informing people they were now eligible for the covid vaccine was actually pushed out by the social welfare board spammer.

At 8 am this morning- phones were ringing off the hook at the city's covid vaccine call center.

Volunteers confused by the alarming amount of callers claiming they received a text message saying they're now eligible for the vaccine when they weren' staff were convinced it was a spam, but the culprit ended up being the social welfare board.and they couldn't believe the news (sot )"we're not a spammer haha."

"it was a misunderstanding because we were on the same page that the message was coming from the social welfare board.

However, when this was sent by our third party vendor, that information did not make it on there because of the limits of characters to the message."

"for an hour and a half i couldn't walk away from my desk ."

It's still not clear why the city says most of the callers weren't eligible for the vaccinethose texts sent out to 1,200 patients of the social welfare board falling into five categories disease, heart conditions, copd, bmi of 40 or greater and type 2 diabetes.

The social welfare board apologizes for the miscommunication .


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