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Monday, 8 March 2021

lady celebrates 106th bday

Credit: WTHI
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lady celebrates 106th bday
lady celebrates 106th bday
lady celebrates 106th bday in Paris Illinois

Having fun and making residents happy!

Nat pop: honking horns and what you hear there is a celebration in paris, illinois.

"elsie jane jackson" turns a hundred and 6-years old monday.

Her friends and family organized this "drive-by" birthday for her outside "twin lakes rehabilitation and heathcare center."

Vehicles passed by with people waving hands and posters!

"it means the world to her because she knows that we love her.

Her room is covered with cards that she's received.

But to actually have people take time to drive through and wave and say hi just lifted her spirits tremendously."

You can still wish this lovely lady a happy birthday!

You can send birthday cards to "twin lakes rehab."

That address is

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