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Saturday, 6 March 2021

More Cases of Covid Variant Possible in Alabama

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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More Cases of Covid Variant Possible in Alabama
More Cases of Covid Variant Possible in Alabama

WAAY-31's Bridget Divers discusses the possibilities of new cases of Corona possibly being a new strain.

Because of it.

According to the alabama department of public health - the u-k variant is now in north alabama.

But experts say there could be many more cases of the variants in our area than we're aware of.

Waay-31's bridget divers spoke with an infectious disease expert about the virus.

Dr. ali hassoun/ infectious disease specialist/ "b117 variant which found originally in the united kingdom there's definitely data showing it's probably, there's a higher chance of transmission compared to the original virus."

More conatgious...yes..


But data shows the covid-19 vaccine helps protect against this variant.

Hassoun "if you look at the u.k. variant actually from the studies it's been shown as very effective whether it's pfizer or moderna."

There was more concern about the effectiveness of the vaccine against the south african variant.

Dr. hassoun says that a 'letter to the editor' published this week states the vaccine is effective though against the south african variant.

Hassoun "but the level of the antibody that neutralize the virus is less than the original virus that we have.

People need to understand the vaccine is still effective from these studies.

It's only the antibody response is not as good as the original."

Now currently there are eight cases of the u.k. variant in alabama, but state health officer dr. scott harris says the variants are probably circulating more than health officials know about.

Eventhough the state is sending samples to the c-d-c.

Dr. karen landers/ alabama department of public health "we're sending what cdc requests us to send for sequencing."

Dr. karen landers with the that was waay 31's bridget divers reporting.

Dr. hassoun says he's not concerned about the variants... that's as long as we continue prevention measures and get people vaccinated.

However -- if the variants continue to


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