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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Morning Brew: Snowman Competition and Girl Scout Cookies! 2/19/2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Morning Brew: Snowman Competition and Girl Scout Cookies! 2/19/2021
Morning Brew: Snowman Competition and Girl Scout Cookies! 2/19/2021

Sayre Christian Village recognizes CEO and VP for jumping in to clean toilets and shovel snow from sidewalks and scrape cars.

Pulaski County EMS workers challenged the Detention Center to a Snowman contest and came up with some pretty good ones!

You can vote for the winner.

It's National Girl Scout Weekend and you can find them at Kentucky Walmarts and Krogers or grab a BOGO deal through Grubhub with any food purchase today through Sunday.... All fees are being waved to maximize proceeds for the Girl Scouts.

3 time now is.... and it's time for your morning brew.

Fs img center:acts of kindness sayre christian village sayre christian acts of kindness.jpg sayre christian village is thanking its own for some randonw acts of kindness.

The facility sharing this photo... of its v-p of health care services jumping in to clean the bathrooms when staff couldnt get to work earlier this week.

Sayre village says its ceo---also stepped in to shovel sidewalks and scrape cars.

And the v-p of operations was seen up early...and out late making sure staff got to work.

The facility says each person has been a part of camp sayre christian village.

Employees stayed the night at the nursing home... to make sure residents and staff have help when needed.

### some folks in pulaski county are getting creative with the snow!

E-m-s workers challenged the detention center to a snowman contest.

And look what they came up with!

Theres a a jail cell...and an e-m-s worker with a patient on a gurney.

They're even wearing masks.

You can vote for the winner.

Find out how on w- t-v-q dot com.

### l3: morning brew white national girl scout cookie weekend it's national girl scout cookie weekend!

That means itll be easier for you to get your treats.

Local girl scouts will be at kentucky walmarts and krogers... to sell to you..

But you can also grab a buy-one get one deal on grub hub!

That deal is today..

Tomorrow..and sunday only with any food purchase.

People in lexington and northen kentucky...can order between 4 and 7... to get pickup or delivery... all fees are waived to maximize proceeds for girl scouts.

##### coming up in this half hour of good


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