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Monday, 1 March 2021

ALDOT on Shoals Roads

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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ALDOT on Shoals Roads
ALDOT on Shoals Roads

Will Robinson-Smith reporting live from Tuscumbia after talking with ALDOT about how they're dealing with the roads.

We have multiple reporters in the shoals tonight - which has been dealing with these winter conditions since sunday night.

Waay 31's will robinson-smith is live in tuscumbia after talking with aldot about how they're dealing with the roads.

Will, how are the roads right now?

Here along alternate 72 things are pretty clear.

We've started to see some snow flakes fall in the last half hour -- but just a very light dusting.

But it's been a busy few days for aldot in the western part of our viewing area.

Take a look at your screen -- this is how much salt... potassium acetate and liquid calcium they've been using to treat the roads in the shoals counties, along with lawrence, limestone and morgan counties.

6-thousand tons of salt!

To put that in some context -- a single truck can carry about three to four tons of salt at one time.

This is a record amount of salt and road chemicals for aldot to use for one system and it's far from over.

Officials say all of the primary routes in the shoals have at least one lane in each direction that is passable.

They're still working on some of the secondary roads.

About half of those are considered passable -- which is an improvement from yesterday morning.

Now -- when we say "passable" - aldot stresses that it doesn't mean completely safe -- since there still could be some hazard on the roads.

They continue to urge everyone -- especially out here in the shoals -- to avoid any unnecessary travel.

Reporting live in tuscumbia -- will robnison-smith -- waay 31 news.


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