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Thursday, 4 March 2021

LBS - Tax Collection Relief

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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LBS - Tax Collection Relief
LBS - Tax Collection Relief

If you have an issue with your taxes, Tax Collection Relief can help.

Kim Miller from the company has more details on how they can help bring you peace of mind.


[Music] tax collection relief specializes in providing tax resolution services that you can trust in today's local business spotlight we're sitting down with kim miller to explain a little bit more about the business kim thanks so much for joining us thank you jess all right tell me a little bit more about what does tax collection relief specialize in we specialize in offering to taxpayers peace of mind because it's very worrisome when you get those letters from the irs or you feel the depth and the burden of owing the irs perfect all right we're talking about of course individuals who owe the irs tell me a little bit more about what your client looks like and who your services are for okay so our client generally falls in several categories one is they may not have filed for many many years and so they are feeling the worry that the irs is eventually going to catch up with them or maybe the irs has finally caught up with them and they now know they need to file those old returns another one is they filed but they just owe the irs and they don't know how to pay the irs or even if they still owe the irs so we help them with those types of situations so we help all kinds of taxpayers business taxpayers personal taxpayers anybody that has to file a tax return with the irs so what are some of the benefits of using tcr well the biggest benefit is we understand the rules that the irs uses to collect taxes so we understand how to calculate when debts are due we understand exactly how much should be due we understand the penalty and interest function of it that the irs uses in their arsenal to collect taxes all right so what would you want those who need your service to know the main thing i want them to know is that we take their burden and their stress away that we deal with the irs on their behalf perfect taking a lot of weight off those shoulders yes absolutely all right tell me is there ever a point where it's too late to call you for help no it's never too late to call for help we can help in many many situations and lots of times where people think it's too late it's really not there's so much that can still be done that the irs has to follow when we contact them that they don't normally let anybody know about the primary thing i want people to remember is that they are not the only person that's ever found themselves in this situation and they shouldn't be embarrassed to reach out for help that we understand that things happen in life and that's how this situation happened but there's hope you know we can help them we can negotiate with the irs we can make sure the taxes were just done right in the first place that they actually do owe that amount and then strive to negotiate the best deal with the irs that we can do kind of putting you on the spot here do you have like a little success story of anyone or an example to share we do um so just just uh recently we had a taxpayer who sometimes when you don't file with the irs the irs will file a return for you and they file it in the worst possible light and he they said he made about 350 000 dollars and he had about when he came to see us a hundred and fifty thousand dollars he owed in tax from 2008 but because we understood the irs rules he didn't have to pay it we just i was able to call the irs negotiate because he's currently unemployed with covid that he couldn't pay his 150 000 dollars and now through careful planning that debt will disappear this summer perfect all right what is the best way to get started with you um to call us at 805-4357 or contact us you can look at our website all right perfect ken thanks so much for joining us i know we're going to talk to you again soon thank you [Music]

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