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Monday, 1 March 2021

Writes of Spring Writing Contest

Credit: KADN
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Writes of Spring Writing Contest
Writes of Spring Writing Contest
Writes of Spring Writing Contest

Really it's just an opportunity for k through 12 students and laughing up here in a few of this parish is to use their creativity in a magic and to express themselves in the written for.

Tell us that the main library at 26157, they can go online to lafayette public wife marie got or we have, what age with all the details and how to submit for the rest of spring contest, or they can stop at any of the trenches.

Three kids love it.

It really excited when we call them in april to let him know.

That one that's my favorite part of the contest.

Only there with all of them.

It's um so really.

Exciting to see the kids get excited.

We have a lot.

Of teachers for operated and their classroom.

Chen nonfiction or poetry or differently as english, spanish, french or mandarin chinese, so they really have an opportunity to flex their writing skills and whatever which are written for

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