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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

The Exhausting Process of Resolving On-Line Business Disputes continued

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The Exhausting Process of Resolving On-Line Business Disputes continued
The Exhausting Process of Resolving On-Line Business Disputes continued

How would you feel about having nearly $4000 of your own money tied up in an on-line dispute, and you’re unable to make contact with the other party?

An online purchase and get nothing in return?

One woman in new hartford has nearly four thousand dollars tied up in an online dispute and is getting nowhere.

Newschannel 2's kirk tupaj tells us what consumers should know before making a purchase, and what they can do when an issue goes unresolved.

Prior to the pandemic, renee english spent nearly four thousand dollars on airline tickets.

The pandemic hit and the airlines cancelled the flights.

She's spent over four months of trying to get her money back.


None .

None sot: renee english, new hartford resident is telling me that the airline needs to call them to have that suspension lifted, and emirates is telling me that flyus needs to call them.

They're both telling me the exact opposite, and no one will reach out to the other one.

So what can you do when a company refuses to act on a pending dispute?

For answers we turned to the longeretta law firm who says a legal battle probably isn't the way to go.

Sot: david longeretta esq., longeretta law firm in this particular case instead of $4000.

She may be looking at $5-$6000.

To recover nothing, and the contract is so strongly drafted to favor flyus that it's really unfair.

It truly is unfair.

English did file a complaint with the west florida better business bureau, but her complaint went nowhere.

Sot: renee english, new hartford resident i thought the better business bureau was there to actually help the consumer, and stand up for them, and fight for them, and nothing.

They just closed the case within 2 weeks.

David longeretta says consumers really need to read the fine print when dealing with third party companies like

Sot: david longeretta esq., longeretta law firm this is just wrong, and you know i did&i read the contract, i read their terms. i couldn't believe what i was reading, but when you read a contract, and your very first paragraph says if you don't agree to all of our terms leave now, that's kind of a warning.

Another woman, also from new hartford, is in a similar situation, but is declining an on-camera interview because she feels it would compromise her chances of ever getting a refund, but renee english plans to continue her fight to the bitter end.

Sot: renee english, new hartford resident i'm going to keep filing a complaint with the better business bureau against emirates airlines and, and hopefully someday they realize this woman's not going away, and that other people will also stand up for themselves when they are being treated like this from companies who are supposedly reputable.

Sot: david longeretta esq., longeretta law firm just from reading the terms of the contract, i don't think she'll ever get all of her money.

She may get some satisfaction, but she'll never be made whole.

Not unless she brings a class action lawsuit.

Sot: kirk tupaj now longeretta says class action lawsuits are expensive and she may be better off writing letters, blogging, and continuing with the phone calls, but the bottom line is read the contract and consumer beware.

In new hartford, i'm kirk tupaj reporting for newschannel 2.> gas prices in the utica rome region are up five cents in the


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