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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Restaurant Support during pandemic

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Restaurant Support during pandemic
Restaurant Support during pandemic
Keeping the doors open

The weekend.

We talk about this nearly daily, as you know restaurant owners and managers remain in uncharted territory because of this ongoing pandemic.

Kimt news 3's samantha soto spoke to an organization known as the southern minnesota initiative foundation ?

"* and got some information on how restaurants can come out the other end of this ordeal.


George ?

"* i'm here at chesters ?

"* one of the many restaurants that have thrived off curbside orders during this pandemic.

The southern minnesota initiative foundation's aim is to build communities by supporting work in small towns.

The organization held a virtual session today to discuss ways to keep a food business bringing in income.

Many restaurants impacted by the pandemic are small providers with unique food items ?

"* that have the flexibility to cater to customers needs frequently.

Pam bishop of the southern minnesota initiative foundation tells me one of the biggest tips is for restaurants ?

"* to focus on customer experience.

She adds that consumer experience ?

"* online or dine in ?

"* needs to be "as long as restaurant operators can continue to have that connection with their consumers ?

"* whether it's in person or online ?

"* customers are going to continue to want to enjoy and support the local restaurants."

Bishop suggests keeping menus updated with phone number and hours, change menu items often, and post on social media 3?

"*4 times per week.

Thanks samantha.

The southern minnesota initiative foundation believes getting familiar with social media platforms will allow restauranteur s to sustain business ?

"* and grow over tim.


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