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Wednesday, 24 February 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Good afternoon.

I'm kay blevins thanks for joining us.

President trump has become the first president to ever be impeached twice.

The impeachment proceedings now move to the senate for a trial.

But that won't happen until after president trump leaves office.

Natalie brand is on capitol hill with those details - and what is being done to keep the capitol safe ahead of next week's presidential inauguration.

:15 - :18 :47 - :57 :58 - 1:08 "on this vote the ayes are 232, the nays are 197..."

It was the most bipartisan presidential impeachment vote in u-s history with 10 house republicans joining their democratic colleagues.

Speaker of the house) "donald trump is a clear and present danger to our country."

A senate trial is not expected until after next week's inauguration...and 17 republicans would need to vote with every democrat in order to convict the president of inciting an insurrection.

In a letter to his g-o-p colleagues wednesday - majority leader mitch mcconnell said: "i have not made a final decision on how i will vote and i intend to listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the senate.

But others in his party remain firmly against convicting the president.

South carolina/credit: fox news) "let's stand up for the idea that post presidential impeachments are bad for the presidency, bad for the country, and if go along with it as republicans, we will destroy the republican party."

Within the past 24 hours - new fencing has gone up - reinforcing a security perimeter around the capitol.

Up to 20-thousand national guard troops are expected in washington, d-c ahead of the inauguration...some of them armed.

In a video released last night - president trump made no mention of his second impeachment but instead warned against more riots.

"no true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence.

No true supporter of mine could ever disrespect law enforcement or our great american flag."

Cbs news has learned of a new law enforcement bulletin warning that the success of last week's breach is likely to fuel more violence among domestic extremist groups.

Natalie brand, cbs news, capitol hill.

Throughout washington, d.c., businesses have begun boarding up their windows ahead of next week's inauguration.

January is human trafficking awareness month and local orgamization want to remind people that human trafficking is everywhere including right here in chattanooga.

Loves arm outreach is a local non profit organization that helps human trafficking victims safely find a way out.

Officials say chattanooga is a very big hub for trafficking due to being so close to a major interstate system.

Executive director of the organization says trafficking has been on the rise due to the covid-19 pandemic.

"we cant put a stamp on what a trafficking victim look like or what a person looks like that may be trapped in trafficking prostitution or addictive behaviors.

We are humans and we all look alike.

But there are pockets of high activity in this city."

More information coming up tonight on news 12 now at 6 a soddy-daisy man is in hamilton county jail charged with criminal homicide in the death of a 6-month-old baby girl last september.

Twenty nine year old seth jones had told officers the baby fell off a couch, but after an autopsy, the medical examiner later ruled the death was a homicide.

The baby reportedly suffered injuries to her head and spine.

Jones later told officers he tossed the baby across the room in frustration.

He is at silverdale under a 620-thousand dollar bond.

Time to check in with chip now for our first look at the weather.

Here's a live look from news 12 studios camera from atop the e our studios also broad street ... .

As we look outside good- looking day ... .

No problems at all ... little chilly still but will see those numbers relaxing ... scores activity popping up on the ... type mixing radar is not very much about what so ever ... .

We are looking at 420 right now 73% humidity will stay dry for the rest of the day today but ... overnight tonight, heading into tomorrow morning we will pick up ... a few showers here might see some snow flurries in the valle early saturday ... warning ... the mountains could see some snow showers as well ... .

Temperatures were flat compared to this time yesterday but look at some of this warmer air ... just back to the west and southwest ... 140 warmer in both huntsville and ... am still into the upper 30s and for oglethorpe tellico and dunlap ... again 42 here downtown air- quality indexes in the moderate range ... .

One ... has been several days ... and also for the past several days ... .

No measurable pollen ... more on the seven-day forecast straightaheadcenters are being places like disneyland.

The cdc says more than 10-million americans have been vaccinated - with more than a million shots administered yesterday.

David begnaud reports from anaheim, california.

44-49 136-140 154-221 thousands of orange county residents lined up at the disneyland vaccine supersite yesterday.

And 3,000 shots of the vaccine made it into people's arms on the site's first day.

Newly- eligible seniors could barely contain their excitement and their gratitude, like 65-year-old lyn murray.

They did such a great job in helping all these people get what they need right now.

Get your qr code ready!

But not everyone had a smooth experience.

Overwhelming demand crashed the county's registration system.

It's a similar story in states like florida.

Hundreds of seniors drove to this vaccine site in desoto.

But only 200 doses were available.

I've been on websites, on the phone, experiencing the normal frustrations that many have expressed with the recent changes to the h-h-s vaccination recommendation s, 152 million americans are now eligible for vaccination.

But operation warp speed estimates it will take until the end of march to acquire enough vaccines to immunize 100 million people.

The loss of life from the pandemic has already been unimaginable.

"i'm sorry" and few see its toll up close, like ken mckenzie.

"the next appointment isn't until friday at four" he's the funeral director of mckenzie mortuary services in long beach, california.

He says so many people are dying, families are forced to wait weeks for funerals and burials.

Not only are they crying that they've lost someone, but they're then crying because they're on hold for closure, that we're not having a service for dad for three weeks.

So imagine waiting three weeks and carrying that emotion each day.

Ken was telling us that usually when people call him they want to interview him to decide whether they want to go with him or go with someone else.

But it's to the point now where the first thing they ask him is - are you available, can you help me, can you take us right now.

Later today, president-elect biden is expected to announce his vaccination and economic relief plans as he gets ready to take over next week.

David begnaud, cbs news, anaheim california.

There 356 new coronavirus cases in hamilton county on wednesday.

That raises our total number of cases past 35-thousand.

Over 43-hundred of those are active.

3 more people died from covid- 19 yesterday raising our death toll to 322.

218 people are in the hospital with the virus, 58 are in the i-c-u.

Pharmacies in tennessee are taking on a big role with covid- 19 vaccinations.

Through a partnership with the state, they have been vaccinating residents and staff at long term care facilities.

According to the national association of chain drug stores, there is a pharmacy within 5 miles of 90 percent of americans.

That will help with distribution once vaccines are more widely available.

"pharmacies have the capacity to meet the demand for 100 million vaccine doses in just one month when that level of the vaccine supply is available."

Hamilton county expects to receive vaccines next week for hamilton county expects to receive vaccines next week for people who have already received their first shot.

Dalton city public schools reported the highest number of coronavirus cases, with 81, after students and staff return from winter break.

Currently around 20 percent of students are enrolled online.

The school system expects another 4 to 6 weeks before educators are able to receive the covid-19 vaccine.

Chief of human resources mendy woods says she is confident in the schools system's covid-19 response protocol.

"we have a pretty set protocol.

Our nurses help us contact grace when people report positive cases.

All of our nurses are employed with the health department.

They take the lead on the contact tracing, taking the reports at each school and then bliss jones compiles all of that information and keeps us updated on where we are."

Dalton public schools report their total number of positive cases weekly.

Still to come here on wdef news 12 at noon... chip says there is a possiblity of snow flurries this weekend in the storm team 12 seven day forecast.

And later... in consumer news.... on top of your tagalongs...and thin mints... why you might want to purchase an extra box of girl scout cookies this year.... details are coming up after the break... but first, let's look at today's cleveland daily banner.

The paper reports... a cleveland student is aksing the community to step up covid-19 defenses for schools and families..

For more on these stories, check out today's edition.

Now from the epb weather center, before you went to were off to nice rest of ... day.

We are going to see a lot of sunshine freezing fog ... earlier this morning for the second row ... .

Not much happening this afternoon but overnight tonight will start to see a little rain shower popping up ... .

The good news is that should be totally out of the area and by the time we hit sunrise tomorrow ... .

Still into the upper 30s unti a: date lower 40s, back towards grundy county ... .

44 in murphy and blue ridge ... .

Also in the lower 40s here downtown chattanooga right now at 42 ... , 73% humidity little bit of a breeze on the south and southwest should help form us up ... getting close to 50 a little bit later on in the day ... so much warmer air compared we were we were this time on wednesday just back to herself and west.

We are finally back in the lower 40s all morning long ... .

We were the coldest reading out of all ... of the major tribal cities ... , there's ernest cold front is going to be rolling through and this is going to kick up a little bit of instability for u this afternoon should hit the lower may be middle 50s and the some scattered showers overnight tonight is ... get underway.

Not long after midnight ... should be out of the area for the most part ... by about 5 o'clock tomorrow morning ... .

Heading into tomorrow after living in the mood a little cooler and it is going to get increasingly cloudy and then we could see could see some out and snow showers heading into saturday morning ... here in the valley.

This probably won't amount to a grea deal more than some flurry activity and i think even word ... does occur, the heaviest automobiles looking at some ... light dusting on the grassy areas.

The roadways should not ... visit problem accumulation amounts either way it comes dow in your neighborhood will not ... be very sick if all ... that we get into the tail end of the weekend is going be cloudy.

This can be a little chilly as well.

Next week it looks like late tuesday ... heading into wednesday will begin to see some more moisture rolling in ... the south ... west ... this is going to be with us on and off ... , probably sooner about lunch time on ... friday then we'll see another cooldown was more ... chillier air presses in from ... will have moral that seven-day forecast coming up ... little bit cooler as we head into the weekend ... .

Easy conditions both tomorrow and for saturday, sunday, after starting off in the mid-20s, will wrap it up ... , clouds and sun ... .

46 ... should be a beautiful day for ml king day on monday ... 49 and sunny back to youagency t for the slimy creatures to be a part of a protein-rich diet.

Researchers found that dried yellow mealworms are safe for snacking, either whole or in powder form.

/ the girl scouts are launching a brand new cookie that makes breakfast and dessert best friends.

Check out -- toast-yay!


They look like toast-- french toast to be exact-- and they're supposed to taste like it too!

It's basically the trefoil cookie dipped in icing.

They're on sale now.

In our deals and steals today.....a personal alarm to give you some piece of mind and safety check this out in consumer news.... no script "news 12 now at noon.

Your news now."

Your niece is going out to college.

She scanned with her from class to class if you like to go running.

If you like to g hiking to going to your car in the parking lot and evening.

You have this with you.

This is 130 db alarm and a flashing strobe light.

Now i'm going to pull this is going to be allowed to cover it up so it's at least this is really really loud okay pastor ... no one is going to miss this is peace of mind for you and the people that you love.

This is one of those things that goes with you everywhere you can kee on your car and keep on your keychain.

Think of reckoning when your mom and your niece.

Think of reckoning when your daughter and your son is a college campus.

He works salaries going back and forth along the car.

He likes to this is a personal safety alarm that everyone can use.

I love it comes in five colors, although again i now that's not the point.

I do love you can get it for 20% off right now.


It's a crazy crazy time we could all use a longer piece of mine safety and new research on covid lockdowns and air pollution...and the best diet for diabetics.

Michael george has a look at some of the day's top health stories.

A new study in b-m-j suggests a strict, low carb diet may be beneficial for people with type-2 diabetes.

Six months into the diet...researcher s found patients reduced their blood sugar levels, with or without medication, and lost weight...without adverse effects.

Researchers in arkansas collected data for six years on children and their exposure to fast food.

They found no substantial association between a child's weight and access to fast-food on a child's route to school.

And, early covid-19 lockdowns had less benefit on urban air pollution than first thought.

Scientists in the u-k believe the modest reductions were actually brought on by seasonal and weather changes.

Those are some of the day's top health stories.

Michael george, cbs news, new york.

Stay with us.

More news 12 now at noon to come... including who is headlining joe biden's swearing in ceremony.... details coming up after the break.... here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee pointe from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Some big name stars are headlining joe biden's swearing-in ceremony.

The presidential inauguration committee announced thursday-- lady gaga will sing the national anthem.

She has a history of activism alongside biden.

And-- she campaigned for him during the general election.

There will also be a musical performance by jennifer lopez.

Tom hanks will host the prime time inauguration day special.

Thanks for spending a little bit of your afternoon with

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