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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/15/2020

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/15/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/15/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/15/2020

Mississippi's new covid-19 cases rise above the two thousand mark, once again.

The state department of health is reporting two thousand 205 new cases and 48 new deaths.

There are also 236 long-term care facilities reporting an outbreak.

More than 148 thousand people in the state are presumed recovered from this virus.

This means there is more than 30 thousand presumed active cases in mississippi, right now.

In our area, lowndes county has the most new cases with 145.

Lee has 101, union has 61, oktibbeha has 53, monroe 45, and pontotoc has 39.

You've heard covid- 19 warnings from the state's top leaders.

But the state health officer is issuing a call to action to all leaders.

Courtney ann jackson explains.

"make some hard decisions to protect your folks, even if it's a little unpopular.

It's time for leaders to lead."

State health officer dr. thomas dobbs continues that call to action through social media.

Sunday, calling out leaders at home, school, houses of worship and work.

"dr. dobbs is 200 percent correct that those of us who sit in this seat must provide leadership and we cannot, i think, escape the responsibility of the leadership by blaming the people."

New hope baptist pastor dr. jerry young says they've not only maintained virtual- only services but worked to provide resources through food and mask giveaways and an upcoming covid testing.

He agrees it takes more than politicians giving a list of dos and don'ts.

"the church is one of the most effective ways to communicate with our community.

I don't think there's any question about that."

Now that the vaccine has arrived now the state- representative tom miles believes it's the next opportunity for leadership.

"thursday, i issued the challenge to all elected officials across the state of mississippi and even across the country that we as elected officials should lead by example.

After all the frontline workers have taken the vaccine, we should volunteer to take the vaccine for people to see that it's safe."

Tupelo mayor jason shelton says he's had to fight political opposition from those who don't believe the science but they're finding new ways to get more voices involved in a new public awareness campaign.

"especially with how political this has become, it is of the utmost importance to have community buy-in.

So, you can kind of take a step away from politics and get to the brass tax of hey, this is a totally serious issue and lives are at stake."

Courtney ann jackson, wcbi news.

First look stinger first look summary: two wet weather makers are on tap for the next 7 days.

The first is going to pass on by tonight and early wednesday with the second one coming saturday and saturday night.

No major winter or severe weather issues are anticipated between now and christmas but seasonable temperatures will stick around.

Tuesday night: cloudy skies with areas of rain.

Lows ranging from the mid 30s to the low 40s .

Some snow could mix in with the rain across our northwestern counties but no big impacts are expected at this time.

Winds se/nw 3-8 mph.

Wednesday: the first doses of the covid 19 vaccine have arrived at the north mississippi medical center.

One thousand nine hundred and thirty doses of the pfizer vaccine arrived this afternoon at nmmc in tupelo.

Those will go to frontline workers and highest risk patients throughout the nmmc system.

The first vaccinations will be given in the next couple of days.

Nmmc director of pharmacy wes pitts says it's amazing that the vaccine was developed and distributed so swiftly.

"historically when you think about vaccines, you have to take the live virus and grow that and either knock it down enough to where it either doesn't infect people or completely inactivate it before you develop vaccine, these new technologies we have they were able to do genetic sequencing on coronavirus vaccine and share that worldwide so you have a global initiative to do that" pitts says the pfizer vaccine requires two doses.

The initial dose, followed by a booster twenty days later.

Top as the number of i.c.u.

Beds continues to dwindle in mississippi, health leaders are changing the process of how critical patients are being transferred.

The state department of health issued an order saying patients that need critical care and cannot be accommodated in the normal transfer process will now go through the state.

This comes as more patients need a higher level of care during the pandemic but there are fewer i.c.u.


In this case, the health department will direct patients to be taken to an available i.c.u.


If there are no beds available, hospitals will be chosen on a rotation basis based on location and resources.

This order is through december 24h but could be extended.

Right now, there are one thousand 319 people in hospitals across mississippi with confirmed or suspected covid-19 symptoms. 310 of those patients are in i.c.u.

The department of health's website shows no i.c.u.

Beds are available in the golden triangle and only eight in tupelo.

Statewide, there are only 87 open i.c.u.


Two men are charged with attempted murder and robbery in connection with a starkville shooting.

Police arrested 24- year-old roderiques lockett and 35- year-old john king jr. for the december 7th incident.

In an affidavit, police allege a backpack was taken from the victim and that at least one suspect had a handgun.

Investigators say more arrests are likely.

The starkville men remain in jail.

The shooting happened on reed ridge circle.

A 29-year-old victim was airlifted to a hospital outside the area after the early morning gunfire.

Spd did not update the victim's condition today.

Officers are asking others to come forward with information, as the investigation continues.

A starkville man is charged with sexual battery and burglary.

Oktibbeha county investigators say deputies were called to a domestic dispute on harris road on december 13th.

After investigating 28- year-old arthur gillespie was arrested.

Deputies say gillespie and the alleged victim knew each other.

He remains in the oktibbeha county jail on a 20 thousand dollar bond.

121520-intro with a new roundabout open in columbus and another one expected to be ready in january...area drivers may need time adjusting to the new traffic flow.

Wcbi 's stephen pimpo went for a drive to find out first handthe best way for drivers to navigate the new intersections.

121520-pkg roundabouts can speed up traffic and reduce the number of crashes in busy areas...but they can take time for local drivers to get used to.

"we just wanted to make sure that drivers in the columbus area know how to use the roundabouts because it is a new traffic control device for some people."

For columbus drivers...the roundabout at the intersection of military road and highway 82 opened up the week of thanksgiving after being closed for construction for much of november.

The roundabout features newly paved roads with new lights and new curbs to increase the flow of traffic at one of columbus's busiest roads.

It's not the only one.

Su: this mini round about project has been under construction since july...and is meant to decrease the number of accidents that happen as drivers come into town.

But for that to happen...drivers need to remember some simple rules when using the roundabouts.

First slow down.

"roundabouts are built to allow you to continue moving without having to come to a complete stop but they are built so that you'll slow down." matter how much you want to be polite...keep going.

"when you're in the roundabout, you've got the right of way, don't stop.

The drivers behind you won't be expecting that."

Finally...stay in your lane and give large vehicles like tractor trailers their space.

"smaller passenger vehicles are able to navigate the roundabout on the roadway but for some of those larger vehicles, they may need to take up that entire lane."

Ultimately..ponder says drivers can't go wrong with a little patience.

"just to slow down and be patient.

Some drivers are going to adjust quickly and some drivers may be encountering it for the first time."

In columbus...stephen pimpo...wcbi 121520-tag ponder also says that while the military road and highway 82 roundabout is open, crews are still working outside of the lanes along the shoulders.

He says they hope to be finished by the end of january.

City engineer kevin stafford hopes to have the mini- roundabout downtown open around the same time, weather and contractors permitting.

Stinger wx open summary: two wet weather makers are on tap for the next 7 days.

The first is going to pass on by tonight and early wednesday with the second one coming saturday and saturday night.

No major winter or severe weather issues are anticipated between now and christmas but seasonable temperatures will stick around.

Tuesday night: cloudy skies with areas of rain.

Lows ranging from the mid 30s to the low 40s .

Some snow could mix in with the rain across our northwestern counties but no big impacts are expected at this time.

Winds se/nw 3-8 mph.

Wednesday: morning rain then mostly cloudy.

Breezy nw winds 10-15 mph with gusts to 20 mph.

Highs in the 40s.

Total rainfall between 1/4" and 1/2".

Wednesday night: partly cloudy.

Much colder lows in the upper 20s.

Thursday: abundant sunshine.

Highs in the mid to upper 40s.

Thursday night: clear and cold.

Lows in the mid 20s.

Friday: mostly sunny.

Highs in the low 50s.

Saturday: mostly cloudy with a 50% chance of showers.

Highs around 50.

Sunday: mostly cloudy.

Highs in the low 50s.

Early next week: mostly sunny to partly cloudy.

Milder highs in the upper 50s to around 60.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, ad the wcbi news app stinger the pandemic has caused a rise in stinger the pandemic has caused a rise in screen time... but that could be damaging to the eyes... especially for children.

More on this story after the break, stay with us.

When the pandemic shut down schools across the country, the idea was to protect children's health.

But the switch to remote learning means long hours in front of a computer.

Nancy chen reports about the concerns for children's eyesight and what steps might help.

Angie oberholser has always put strict limits on her sons' screen time - encouraging time outdoors and playing games.

But when their school in scottsdale, arizona switched to remote learning, all bets were off.

When this all happened and they switched to online, i mean, they went to now being on a screen from eight to three she worries about how all that computer time will affect their vision.

/ 4:04 i see so many kids at the school with glasses at young ages and i keep asking people, why are so many kids in glasses.

And i keep getting the same answer - the screens, the screens in fact, the nation's vision has been deteriorating for decades.

The data from the 70s when i started in practice, near- sightedness was about twenty five percent of the population.

Today, it's over 40 percent optometrist scott edmonds says parents can take steps to protect their children's eyes& like making sure they're at least 30 inches away from their screens.

And he recommends following the 20 - 20 - 20 rule.

4:25 every 20 minutes they should look away from the computer out into the distance at an object 20 feet or greater for 20 seconds.

New york city is struggling to keep its public schools open - and across the country, millions of children are learning partly or totally on-line staring at screens can also lead to fatigue and headaches..

And possible long term effects from blue light radiating directly into the eyeball.

We're concerned that the blue light can cause over a lifetime can cause changes to the retina that would manifest as age related macular degeneration oberholser puts blue light filters on the boys' computers to limit the exposure, and makes sure when schoolwork is done, screen time is over.

Nc, cbs news, new york dr. edmonds says for developing near-sightedness, the age group between 9 and 20 is most at risk.

Stinger the shuler brothers are squarring off for the first time... next in sports how the ole miss guard's relationship with his brother grew stronger spx if you've followed ole miss men's basketball this year the first name that likely comes to mind is devontae shuler& he's played in 100 games in his rebels career& it's likely none will be more emotional than wednesday's& that's when he squares off with his brother& dontrell... for the first time..

He plays for middle tennessee state,... the brothers are eagerly anticipating the matchup& ???take pkg???

00-05 :13-:18 1:30-1:35 1:45-1:52 devontae says: "we're always telling each other secrets, going outside and betting on games.

Playing one-on- one.

One of us would be crying when the other would win.

We're really close."

Dontrell says: "we've got a great bond.

We've been through a lot together so we created a bond where we stick with each other no matter what."

Devontae and dontrell are the youngest of eight shulers& the small age difference made them inseparable growing up& they played on three teams together as kids& and now they'll be on the same hardwood& just in different uniforms devontae says: "honestly it is going to be pretty weird.

Seeing him from growing up and us being together and on the same court."

Dontrell says: "it's gonna be one of those things where i'll have moments where i say 'wow, i am really playing against my brother.

I really see him across the court.'" the strength of their relationship was relied on during a family tragedy& in august of 2019 their father was found dead under his car& their sister donella said it broke all of the siblings dontrell says: "he's the reason i got through a lot of times where i was frustrated and feeling anxiety and depression.

He felt the same way and we lifted each other up because we weren't alone."

Devontae says: "our dad had been with us forever in our life.

Seeing that happen made us go harder and destined for greatness.

This kind of proves a point that you need to take one away to bless all."

Donnesha says: "it was good for them to come together when my dad passed.

I think it brought them closer."

Now& their bond is stronger than ever& and it'll be put aside after wednesday's tipoff& and most of the family will be in attendance dontae shuler says: "just having both shulers out there man.

Real blood, same father and same mother.

Just playing together, that's what i like about it."

Devontae says: "this will be one of the most exciting games of my college career and i am gonna try to make it not easy for him."

Dontrell says: "i'm going to go at his throat, hard.

And he'll be coming at me too.

It's gonna be one to watch, i can tell you that much."

Hoops in the yo and ole miss taking on jackson state 1st quarter...donnetta johnson on the drive....beautiful dish to 5-star freshman madison hoops in the yo and ole miss taking on jackson state 1st quarter...donnetta johnson on the drive....beautiful dish to 5-star freshman madison scott for the and 1 later....caitlyn mcgee step back 3 from the top of the key....butter!

17-10 rebs nice ball movement....scott to taylor smith for the corner 3....buckets!

21-12 ole miss 2nd quarter....rebs fast break....shakira austin with another big game....dimes one to johnson for 2 austin finishes with 22 and 12 for the game....ole miss wins 89-65 and are 5-0 this season new in starkville......missis sippi state gives defensive coordinator zach arnett a contract extension.

The bulldogs defense is only behind alabama, georgia and texas a&m in yards per game allowed in the sec.

Helping lead the way on both sides of the ball for state has been the young guys... true freshman quarterback will rogers and wide receiver jaden walley lead the team in yards at their respected positions... a freshman led offense is something even head coach mike leach never anticipated.

"playing this many true freshmen, i never thought it would happen.

To be honest, i didn't thin it was possible.

Anytime you play young guys, it's tough for the present and promising for the future.

The exciting part is like being on a rollercoaster.

You kind of hit your head like what the hell did i just watch?

What was he thinking?

And then you know, you got to get it all reined in.

We're in that process with a lot of guys."

The ole miss rebels look to close the regular season with a winning record in sec play.....a great step forward in year one.

But before playing lsu saturday, the rebs have another battle they're trying to win wednesday.

That's right.....signing day.

Kiffin and his staff with a year under the belt look prime to take things up a notch.....currently posting the 18th ranked class nationally.

Which comes as no surprise to anyone around the program.....

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