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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/21/20

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/21/20
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/21/20
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/21/20

Show open columbus police continue to look for two accused gunman, who could have a connection to a macon incident.

The shooting happened sunday afternoon in the 900 block of 17th street north.

Police chief fred shelton says two people were shot.

One of those victims was driven to the hospital.

The car that person was in was also shot up.

Two people are wanted in connection with the melee.

Law enforcement sources tell wcbi christopher glenn and devonte roby are wanted in connection with the shooting.

Both men are facing four counts each of aggravated assault by macon police.

If you know where they are tonight or have any information the shooting call golden triangle crime stoppers.

More than 195 thousand mississippians have tested positive for covid-19.

The state department of health is reporting one thousand 167 new covid-19 cases, today, and two deaths.

Right now, the rolling seven-day average of cases in mississippi is two thousand 23.

There is a nine point five percent hospitalization rate.

Locally, lee county has the most new cases today with 41.

Lowndes has 34, union has 29, pontotoc has 26, and lafayette has 19.

A golden triangle sheriff says mississippi jails are working hard to prevent the spread of covid-19 prevent the spread of covid-19 among inmates.

Clay county sheriff eddie scott says his jail is following strict "cdc" and mississippi department of correction procedures.

The new policy mandates that all booked incoming inmates must be screened and then quaranteed before allowed around the general population.

Outgoing and sentenced inmates scheduled for transfer to state prisons must quarantine and be tested before their transfer.

Any inmate scheduled for transfer to state prision who tests positive remains in the county jail until they test negative.

Scott says while the department has had to make many major adjustments in housing inmates---violent offeders are not inmates---violent offeders are not being left on the street.

We tell our deputies for example out there if it's something that you can write a ticket for fine---write a ticket and give them a summons to come to court instead of bringing them in to jail and potentially you know bringing covid in here..but we don't want criminals to think the jail is closed because thats not the case if an inmate in an individual out there we daling with got to come to jail they coming to jail scott says since january six inmates have tested positive for covid- 19.

Top with legislators recently ending their session in october they will be returning to the capitol on january 5th.

The seating assignments for legisative officials had been changed along with new virtual protocols.

The capitol will still require temperature checks, masks , and spaced out seating.

Also, those who choose not to participate inside the capitol can listen-in virtually.

"i have mixed feelings.

We had a conversation as a group of senators with lieutenant governor hoseman about maybe two or three weeks ago and he mentioned that it would be a good idea for us to consider maybe reporting the first week and the recessing until march the 1st!"

"i am looking forward to going down and representing the people of house district 41 and the folks of mississippi."

The same protocols will be in place separation throughout the capitol, wearing mask, and online participation for legislators.

First look stinger summary: quiet and dry weather will hold through wednesday morning.

Rain is expected to develop wednesday afternoon continuing into early thursday morning.

Mild air over the next 2 days will be replaced by much colder air for christmas eve and christmas day.

Dreaming of a white christmas?

Keep on dreaming, it's not going to happen this year.

Christmas outlook afternoon and evening rain will develop.

As we get closer to christmas, airports are seeing the most travelers since the pandemic began.

Folks are booking flights to visit family...but the risk of the coronavirus remains in the air.

Our stephanie poole explains more.

Wheels are up...dozens are flying out of the golden triangle regional airport for the holiday season.

Passengers, like suzie keen, are traveling to reconnect with loved ones.

"i came to see and visit with my parents and grandchildren and my family and friends."

Keen booked her flight from cincinnati to columbus...that's 2 flights to her destination.

With the risk of contracting covid- 19, keen is socially distancing herself from other travelers.

"i feel completely comfort with the distance and everything that's been provided and everyone wearing their mask."

Gtr executive director mike hainsey says all flights are running at a 90- percent capacity.

" we do see a-lot of people traveling that are trying to get together with their family or need to travel and this week especially this week at the airport the flights are running full."

However, how passengers get from 'here' to 'there' might look different.

" delta airlines that fly out of gtr are limiting the capacity so you could have an empty seat next to you if you wanted."

Butt sots " i feel safe.

Everything has been sanitized, everything been clean, and travel has been well.

They keep you well sanitized on the plane as well."

Several airlines throughout the u.s. are doing what they can to prevent the spread of covid-19 among passengers.

For larger hubs, like atlanta, the need to stay safe is clean is greater than ever.

" we put in over two dozen additional sanitizing stations.

Every touch-point is wiped down every two hours."

Hainsey says the airport will continue to use these safety protocols until further notice.

" both the airlines and us and our partners all are pushing very hard to make sure people can fly safely."

The cdc recommends travelers to wear a mask and socially distance during the holidays.


Stinger wx open summary: quiet and dry weather will hold through wednesday morning.

Rain is expected to develop wednesday summary: quiet and dry weather will hold through wednesday morning.

Rain is expected to develop wednesday afternoon continuing into early thursday morning.

Mild air over the next 2 days will be replaced by much colder air for christmas eve and christmas day.

Dreaming of a white christmas?

Keep on dreaming, it's not going to happen this year.

Christmas outlook monday night: clear and quiet.

Lows in the mid to upper 30s.

Light wind.

Tuesday: sunny skies.

Seasonably mild highs around 60.

Winds se 2-7 mph.

Tuesday night: mostly clear.

Lows in the low 40s.

Wednesday: becoming breezy with increasing clouds.

Highs in the low 60s.

Afternoon and evening rain will develop.

Wednesday night: cloudy, breezy, and wet.

Areas of rain and possibly a storm.

Temperatures by sunrise thursday may be down into the mid 30s.

Total rainfall between 1/2" and 1 1/2".

Thursday: early morning rain then partly to mostly cloudy and blustery.

Cold afternoon temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s.

Thursday night: partly cloudy and cold.

No major issues for santa's arrival.

Lows in the mid to low 20s.

Christmas day: mostly sunny to partly cloudy.

Highs around 40.

Saturday: mostly sunny.

Highs around 50.

Sunday: increasing clouds.

A chance of afternoon and evening rain showers.

Highs in the 50s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app stinger stinger after the break, we talk about the importance of giving blood.

Health talk with baptist is next.

Don't go anywhere.

Cash 3 lottery gfx goes here goes here there's no question about the importance of donating blood.

Tonight, on health talk with baptist, we take a deeper look at the process.

No script billboard attached i like to talk to you about the importance of donating blood every two seconds someone in the united states these provide more than 38,000 donations are needed every day one of every 10 hospitals omissions in these broad about 14 million units of blood are transfused each year in the united states is nearly 21 million blood transfusions it is estimated that sickle-cell disease affects 90,000 200,000 people in the united states about 1000 babies are born with the disease easier sickle- cell patients can require frequent blood transfusions throughout their lives more than 1 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year and require almost daily transfusions to do therapy treatments the blood used in emergency is already on the site before the vehicle was a single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood the blood type most often requested by hospitals is type 0 to us next time on health talk about this a group ig money to raise a symbol they believe will bring hope and healing to drivers across the region.

Wcbi's allie martin has more from prentiss county where there's a movement to "build the cross."

Inspiration for the "build the cross " project began a year ago when a retired mississippi department of corrections parole and probation officer had a conversation with god.

"in my talks with god i told him if he had something for me to do, i'd be glad to do it, i repeated that a time or two during the pandemic."

After seeing a picture of a cross on the side of a mississippi highway on facebook, saylors put action to his commitment.

Nats from "build cross video" since then, saylors and others, including prentiss county sheriff randy tolar, have formed a nonprofit to collect money that will put a cross on a prime piece of real estate at highway 45 and county road 7000.

Land for the project has been donated by farmers bill and marie spain.

The cross will be identical to others across the state, most of those are off of interstate 55.

The prentiss county cross will be the first in northeast mississippi, standing 120 feet tall and 64 feet wide, with a seating area at the base and parking.

Saylors believes the project will be a testament to the faith of many in the region and a beacon of hope for motorists who travel the highway every day.

"it's going to be a permanent reminder of what jesus did for us, there are thousands of people who pass that road there, some of them will come here, i hope they will get to know god a little bit better."

The budget for the martin, wcbi news an anonymous donation of 25 thousand dollars in the past few days means more than 80 thousand dollars has been raised so far for the "build the cross" project.

Stinger mississippi state football is going bowling... next in sports the promise mike leach made to bulldog fans for the game..

Spx open spx open if there was a year for a 3-7 football team to make a bowl game..

It'd be 2020..

Mike leach and his bulldogs squad have no complaints... he's happy to get his incredibly young crew some more playing experience... and there's no better way to do just that than to actually play more..

Finishing the more..

Finishing the season out the way they did is promising for the future of the program... considering they've been below the 53-man threshold for the last five weeks..

Leach praised his team for their play the last few weeks... state is coming off it's most dominant offensive performance of the season... dropping a season high 51 points in saturday's win over missouri... trending in the right direction for their matchup with number 24 tulsa in the armed forces wl in fort worth texas... leach took to twitter to make an assurance saying quote don't worry msu bulldogs i spoke to the armed forces bowl people and we will be able to have cowbells in aymon g carter stadium... see you in forth worth on december 31st... kickoff is at 11 am on espn... the ole miss rebels regular season ended with a one- possession loss to the lsu tigers in baton rouge saturday 53-48... head coach lane kiffin said the fact that they heard they'll be playing number 11 indiana in the outback bowl in tampa helped cushion the blow..

Kiffin was shocked indiana didn't get a new year's six bowl... they're 6-1..

He says it'll be good for his players ... despite his team losing multiple one possession games... he feels his team is much more competitive than it was one year ago... and isn't far away from getting to where they want to be... 00-05 kiffin says: if we're better in two minute we've got three games where we have the ballk going to score to win thegame and we're 0-3.

If we win those we're top 7 in the country, 7-2 with losses to florida and alabama and we're going to a new years six bowl.

People mention us being in one score games and that doesn't mean we were in control, we could've scored with a few minutes left.

This is a different deal.

Kickoff for the outback bowl is at 11:30 am on january 2nd..

You can watch it on abc..

Msu taking on mississippi valley state before starting conference play 1st stewart jr. firing a trey ball...7-5 msu then iverson molinar finds jalen johnson in the corner for a 3....buckets 12-7 msu the big fella abdul ado gets the block.....msu in transition finds johnson again....knockdown 15-7 msu good ball movement....,molina r entry pass to tolu smith for the 2 hand slam....17-9 msu inbounds play.....molinar catch and shoot mid range j is good....29-14 msu msu in transition....molina r pushing the rock....accelerate s and finishes at the hoop with the layup bulldogs lead by 17 at the break and go onto win big...87- 48 "for us, we're going to have the advantage a lot of times inside with our size, and we have to take advantage of that.

Some of the disadvantages is when we have to matchup with guards with a 4- man as well."

"with my size, body shape, and form i should dominate and bring a double- double every night.

It's pretty much a necessity for our team to me."

The 12th ranked mississippi state women's basketball team has taken care of business in it's non conference slate..

They're 5-1 on the season and coming off a 72-49 win over central arkansas on sunday... besides it's one overtime loss to usf... nikki mccray penson's team has won every other contest this season by at least 23 points..

While they took care of business easily in their last three..

Mccray penson is holding this team to a very high standard and says if you miss one or two..

Do something different 00-05 mccray penson says: we missed layups and got good shots and the layups suck the energy out of you and then you lose confidence.

You need to see it go through and move on to the next one.

It's a personal thing.

I've talked to my players about being efficient and i want the ones to make shots and make the ones they take consistenly.

We didn?t do that and it was a lack of focus on our part make the ones they take consistenly.

We didn?t do that and it was a lack of focus on our part still to come..

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