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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Hong Kong protesters are fortifying universities

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Hong Kong protesters are fortifying universities
Hong Kong protesters are fortifying universities

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters paralyzed parts of the city for a fourth successive day on Thursday, forcing schools to close and blocking highways, as students built campus barricades and the government dismissed rumors of a curfew.

David Doyle reports.

On university campuses across Hong Kong, thousands of students dug in on Thursday (November 14).

Surrounded by piles of food, bricks, petrol bombs, and other homemade weapons, they're waiting for what happens next amid the city's escalating violence.


We need to see how the government responds, see how they respond to our tactics then we will decide our next step." Police have said they will temporarily avoid direct clashes with what they called "high-spirited rioters" in order to give themselves a breather and avoid injuries.

But they have said one institution, the Chinese University, has become a "weapons factory and arsenal" and referred to protests on all campuses as "another step closer to terrorism." While the unrest has now lasted five months, it has intensified in the past week after police shot and wounded a protester.

Parts of Hong Kong have been paralyzed for four straight days with protesters torching vehicles and buildings, hurling petrol bombs at police stations and trains, and dropping debris from bridges onto the traffic below.

Police said arrows were fired at officers from Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Thursday morning.

Speaking in Brazil on Thursday, China's President Xi Jinping said restoring order and stopping violence is the most urgent task for Hong Kong right now.


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