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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Hometown Tours- Nicholasville

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Hometown Tours- Nicholasville
Hometown Tours- Nicholasville
Lyssa heads south of Lexington to find out whats happening in Jessamine County.

Night at 11 into friday morning ... so frees watch of the had the cold temperatures on the way ..i rhonda may, she's the executive director for the jessamine chamber.

As well as mitchell pearson, he is the executive director for tourism.

Folks, thank you for joining us today.

Rhonda may: thanks for having us.

Mitchell p.: thank you.

Rhonda may: and thanks for coming down to jessamine county.

Speaker 1: oh my gosh, we love coming here so much.

It's so much fun.

It's so beautiful too and there's so much going on.

Let's talk about some of the upcoming events that you all have.

Rhonda may: absolutely.

Well mitchell and i work really well together, so we basically coordinate and do a lot of the events here in jessamine county along with several other volunteers.

But we do have coming up, of course, halloween is just around the corner and mitchell actually handles our spooky time on main here in nicholasville and that's october 31st, of course, 6:00 to 8:00.

We have treats on main down in wilmore, which is 6:00 to 7:30.

And then in november we have a veterans day parade that's in wilmore on that saturday that starts at 10:00 am.

So any of those please come out and i'll let mitchell kind of tell you a little bit about our christmas events.

Mitchell p.: our christmas season.

Speaker 1: yeah.

Yeah, so what's going on for christmas?

Mitchell p.: well christmas in wilmore is a truly special place.

The first saturday in december is the old fashioned christmas.

It's a lot of fun.

There's choir singers, parade, open houses.

It's that small town feel, but yet you're right next to lexington, so a big city vibe as well.

And then we also have the st.

Nick fest, which rhonda and our chamber puts on, which is the second saturday in december.

Speaker 1: awesome.

And we have so much more to talk about.

We're going to be talking about some of the businesses that you have downtown here and some of the great restaurants, so stick around for that.

Still ahead... tis the season for carmeled apples... but before you take a bite -- we've got a

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