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[music] >>> we have heard the same tips before purity get good grades.

Get high scores on sats.

Do extracurricular activities.

No shortcut to getting into college, but there are smart ways of making it a little more streamlined.

Doctor kent ingle president of the southeastern university in lakeland, florida, former tv anchor in los angeles, and the author of a new book, a modern guide to college.

He joins us via skype from new york.thank you so much.

>> guest: great to be with you today.

>> leyla: i can't wait to hear more about your book.

I remember trying to navigate the college waters as a pre- college student.

It's a little tricky.

What are some of the tips you have in your book?

>> guest: i wrote modern guide to be a powerful tool and resource for families, parents and students to navigate the entire process.

Talking about how do you choose the right career that fits you.

What is the kind of education you need to choose for that career?

Choosing the right college.

Then literally going through a step-by-step process from application to securing grants and scholarships.

How to study and how to graduate on time.

Most important, how to secure the first job in the career of your choice.

>> leyla: we are making this segment as part of our money monday series where we talk about personal finances.

Money is a big part of the process.

I'd love to learn more about how students should be going into the application process for grants and scholarships and things of that nature.

>> guest: i think first and foremost make sure you are being very intentional in choosing the right career, but then choosing the right education that fits that career.

Part of that process is developing what i call the awareness of the roi of your educational journey.

I write a whole chapter in modern guide to help you determine that.

When you choose your career and you choose the college that will help you achieve that career choice, you have to look at the tuition costs.

You have to look at room and board.

Start adding up all the costs of everything that's going to be part of that journey.

Then you have to compare that to the earnings potential of a particular job that looks for that degree.

When you start to do that, what it does is it helps you to know what you can afford and what you can't afford.

Then you are able to create an educational plan going after the right scholarships, the right grants, that will help you hopefully graduate debt free.

A lot people don't realize over $50 billion in free money is out there for students to take.

They just don't know how to go about it.

In this book i write a whole chapter on access to grants, access to scholarships that will hopefully fit your choice, what you plan to do in your career field.

>> leyla: that's incredible.

The numbers, $50 billion.

So many students are graduating not debt free.

Quite the opposite.

When you talk about roi meaning return on investment, we turn to hear that a lot.

It's applicable to your college career.

Would you say if a student has their heart set i'm going to particular college because er parents went there or they have the best football team or what have you, how do you convince them to maybe think about going to this other college where you might actually have a better chance of graduating debt-free.

>> guest: right.

Is about becoming smart in your approach to college education.

Remember, while you are getting education is really to feel what you want to do in your life.i have hopefully written this book in a way that will demystify the whole journey and process.

How do you attain the career dream?

I think you have to look at if you will make the right choices it's going to accelerate your chance to get into the field that you hopefully want to get into.

I look at my own journey.

I didn't know what i wanted to do when i graduated from high school, but i did have some passion.

I love sports and communication.

I didn't know where i wanted to go.

I thought the smart thing to do is to go to a community college.

Start taking classes that kind of fit my passion.

They're not going to be as expensive as going to a major university.

I did.

I started taking a broadcast journalism class.

I got an internship job and had a chance to apply for the job.

The professor was the news director.

Little did i know would launch a 10 year career in television journalism.

I think you have to be smart in your approach to your journey.

That will help you, i think, to get into your career a lot faster.

>> leyla: you are in the number two market in the country.

That is quite the career path that you took.

We do need to take a break.

I want to learn more about how you went to kent ingle to doctor kent ingle and more on what students can do in terms of leadership during >>> money monday brought to you by anderson bank.

>> leyla: we are back with doctor kent ingle, tebeest sports anchor and author of "a modern guide to college."

I want to learn how you went from kent ingle, sports anchor, to doctor kent ingle, president of the university.

>> guest: i go back to i always kinda follow my passions and what i get excited about and my gift set and so forth.

I've always had a passion to help people, to come alongside them and help them discover and develop.

I always use the phrase, kind of their divine design.

The way they are wired in the way they are made.

As i was navigating my journalism career and starting a family and those kinds of things, i felt an interest to get more education and possibly get into the field of teaching.

Become a professor.

That ultimately led me to become a dean and then to become a president.

Again, it's a passion of mine to come alongside people.

I think serving as university president in a specific way i get to come alongside students helping them discover how they can navigate the career dreams that they have.

>> leyla: i think you touched on something extremely important in the last segment.

You went to community college first before you went on to finish her degree.

It is an important steppingstone to kind of feel out what you like to do.

Who you are.

What about previous generations people didn't exactly jump into college right out of high school.

They lived a little bit.

They took on jobs.

They traveled.

You think we have lost some of that?

Do you think future generations could benefit by maybe not going directly from high school into college?

>> guest: i think part of it is not having the understanding how important that is to develop some life experience.

You can actually do that in college.

I write about it in modern guide how to get involved in the extracurricular activity.

Let's say you enjoy leadership.

Get involved in student government.

That's another area that i love.

I ran for student body vice president when i was in college and enjoyed that whole experience.

That of course gave me the ability of learning how to collaborate and bring ideas and help students.

You find the things you're passionate about and get involved in those things.

When i started community college, i loved broadcast communications, so i joined the local radio station there at the college.

I would do a couple of shifts a week.

That actually gave me experience as i was heading into the field.

That is actually another thing you need to look for when you're looking for a college.

You need to find a college that provides experiential education.

Not only what you are learning in the classroom, you actually get to go out and experience it out in the field because that so important as you launch your career.

>> leyla: it sounds like your students are extremely enthusiastic in supporting your university.

Sent you have taken over as president, what have been some of the changes?

>> guest: we have been very intentional a reducing the cost of tuition.

The way we have done that is to create an innovative delivery program.

We have a beautiful, traditional campus we can have all the amenities of a traditional campus, but now we have been looking at ways that we can take scholarship to where people are rather than expecting them to come to us.

We have actually launched extension campuses literally nationwide.

At these campuses, we go into the communities.

We partner with different businesses and organizations and we look at what are the educational needs in that community.

Significantly by partnering with locations already in existence and we are able to reduce the overhead, we have knocked the tuition down by two thirds.

If you come to our campus for a full year, cost of education and room and board, it's going to be about 27-28 thousand dollars.

If you go to an extension campus, same degree, it's only about $9000.

If you have a pell grant, could earn up to $6300 from a pell grant and you don't have to pay that back.

You are well on your way to graduating with that degree almost debt-free.

We have been very intentional creating ways to deliver education that's affordable, accessible, and also experiential.

>> leyla: you are part of a club at universities who have a clear idea of what they're looking for in their student body.

One of my last questions for you is what is that you look for in your next student?

>> guest: i'm looking for a student who really has a dream to really accomplish something and make a difference in this world.

We tell every student that comes to our campus, you are a solution to something in this world, eight people group, challenge, issue.

I love to see students that want to find that in their lives.

How can they be that solution.

We are able to provide the right education to kind of fuel the ability to become that solution.

>> leyla: where can people find your book,"a modern guide to college"?

>> guest: the website.

>> leyla: great to be with you.

We are back after this.

>> announcer: money monday brought to you by anderson brothers bank.

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