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Monday, 8 March 2021

WCBI News at Ten - Sunday, August 25th, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Sunday, August 25th, 2019
WCBI News at Ten - Sunday, August 25th, 2019
WCBI News at Ten - Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Two men are dead following an early morning crash in starkville.

Starkville police say the single- vehicle crash happened around 1 am this morning on rockhill road north of highway 82.

Oktibbeha county coroner michael hunt says 40-year-old ishmael latham of starkville was pronounced dead at the scene, and 56- year-old karl baker of starkville was pronounced dead at och regional medical center.

The coroner says both men were not wearing seatbelts.

A third victim was air lifted to university of mississippi medical center in critical condition.

Police say it's unclear as to who was driving the vehicle when it left the road and struck several trees.

Autopsies have been ordered for both victims. the accident remains under investigation.

Starkville police are encouraging drivers to be cautious and on the look out for road closures.


Brandon lovelady with spd says the intersections of greensboro street at louisville street áandá greensboro street at whitfield street will be partially closed as roadways are painted.

Workers began painting around 2 pm this afternoon.

Police ask drivers to obey all temporary traffic devices in the area until the work is complete.

A contract dispute has thousands of at&t workers going on strike, including some in the golden triangle technicians and other workers went on strike at midnight friday.

In starkville, workers carried signs protesting what they believe to be unfair labor practices.

According to a statement issued by the communications workers of america, the members of the union say they are fed up with what they see as at&t's refusal to bargain in good faith.... a local worker who asked not to be identified on camera said this they've been bargaing unfairly,unfair labor practices because what they've even doing is they've been sending somebody to the bargaining table that does not have the authority to make any decisions we will have more this story as it continues to develop first look chances for showers and storms continue for the beginning of the week before a cold front passes through on wednesday.

This will bring us drier weather for thursday, friday, and the weekend.

Sunday night: the g-7 summit in france is underway this weekend-- and world leaders are clashing on their stance on issues like trade and climate change-- and especially on their response to the wildfires burning through the amazon rainforest.

With france calling for ending a trade deal between the u-n and brazil over their handling of the fires.

David daniel has more on that including the other issues on the agenda and where the u-s stands.

Global challenges in the spotlight.... world leaders at the g-7 summit in france ... discussing everything from trade and the economy -- to iran and the global climate cris.

One hot-button subject also on the agenda -- the wildfires raging in the amazon.

Emmanuel macron, french president// "there was a tru convergence that we all agreed to help as quickly as possible the countries that were affected by these fires."

With france's president emmanuel macron pledging help but also demanding international pressure.

Even threatening to ditch a european union trade deal with brazil over the country's response to the fires.

But not everyone is on board-- including germany... the u-k.... and the e-u president who stands by the trade deal.

Donald tusk, european union president// "this is about ou "to be or not to be."

At t same time the eu is ready to offer financial help to fight the fires."

And in a surprise twist to the already tense meetings... iran's foreign minister flew into the resort hosting the g7 to meet with his french counterpart about de- escalating tensions with washington.

President trump// "we will d our own outreach but, you know, you can't stop people from talking.

If they want to talk they can talk."

As for the u-s trade war with china... president trump sent mixed signals-- acknowledging he has, quote "second thoughts abou everything" without expandin on what he was reconsidering.

Aides later clarified that he wanted higher tariffs.

I'm david daniel reporting.

The g7 meetings in biarritz, france continue monday.

Packing school lunches just got a little easier.

This week's mom to mom is next.

Packing a school lunch for your child may not be as easy of a task as you think.

Here's this weeks mom to mom with some tips that might help.

Sarah pannell: today on mom to mom, we're talking about packing your child's lunch.

Packing a kid's lunch, seems like it'd be a really easy task.

When i started packing my kid's lunch i found myself standing in the pantry, not knowing where to start.

I had to develop a plan.

I organized a checklist and i divided it into five different categories.

The first is, the main course.

That consists of anything from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a quesadilla, or what my kids love the most is, a pizza wrap.

You just wanna make sure that you have the protein portion of that.

That'll keep your kids alert more, and ready to learn.

Next up, you've got your fruit and your vegetables.

I'll do fruit one day and then i'll do a veggie.

That could be strawberries, apples, banas, carrot sticks, celery sticks, anything that your kid loves, put it in there.

Next up, we have our snacks.

I try to choose something that's more healthy in the snack category.

I go for either popcorn or pretzels.

You could do the frozen gogurt, or your good old cheese sticks.

Kids are always gonna want treats.

I try to stick with ... i've got the teddy grahams, rice krispy treats.

Giving them a little, bit of sugar at the end of the meal is okay.

Last, but not least, you don't forget about the drinks.

I like to choose something that doesn't necessarily have to be refrigerated for a long time.

Either do a water bottle, or a capri sun, or some type of fruit drink that they love.

I'd love to hear what you moms are doing out there, packing your kid's lunches.

Connect with me on mom to mom facebook page.

See you all next week.

A 161-year-old church building could soon be demolished agape community church has used the st.

Mary's church building for years-- but now there are plans to build a senior living an emotional day for the congregation as they say farewell to the historic st.

Mary's catholic church building" pkg script: nat sound pop- church service built in 1858 people say the st.

Mary's catholic church building-- is a community gem pastor florin docea ÷ agape community church this pewaukee treasure, it's hard for me to imagine what it is worth-- to me it's priceless" the pews-- holding memories of many sitting in them.

Pastor florin docea ÷ agape community church "my wife's famil was part of this for more than 50 years-- her sisters grew up here, her sisters got married here, we have individuals that remember as children walking through these doors jeannette o'toole ÷ citizens for saving st.

Mary's church ÷ the founders of our village and our community- built this church.

I mean it's the heart of our community, it really is" its memories is what brought o'toole to start a group-- advocating to save the church.

Capri senior communities' plans show designs to build four-story condos on the site.

Capri told o'toole they're willing to preserve parts of the church building as a facade jeannette o'toole, citizens for saving st.

Mary's church "when you loo at their plans that they've submitted to the village- it's all brand new materials- they will just literally demolish the church" agape community church tried to purchase the st.

Mary's building-- but was unsucessful.

Efforts to put the building on the national and state register of historic places-- may now also be unsuccessful.

The building is owned by queen of apostles in pewaukee-- who submitted a raze order-- which was rejected.

Jeannette o'toole, citizens for saving st.

Mary's church "they jus submitted it so that it was on file that they had submitted it and now when we get the historic preservation ordinance in place-- we may not be able to protect it" nat sound pop-church service pastor docea says agape-- means selfless love.

And even though they are moving maddie tosses to break chances for showers and storms continue for the beginning of the week before a cold front passes through on wednesday.

This will bring us drier weather for thursday, friday, and the weekend.

Sunday night: scattered showers and possibly a storm continue overnight.

This activity should start to weaken by the early morning hours of monday.

Lows will be in the low 70s.

Monday: more storms possible through the day on monday, mainly in the afternoon hours.

It won't rain all day, but anyone could see a shower or storm.

Highs will be in the low to mid 80s, depending on how much rain you get.

Tuesday- wednesday: while the rain chances will slowly decrease by mid-week, they won't go to zero.

Scattered showers and storms will still be possible, but there won't be as many as we saw on saturday and sunday.

Temperatures will stay in the mid 80s with mississippi state and ole miss get back to action next you can watch those in sports college football has officially returned if you we're hoping to catch the bulldogs or the rebels this weekend....well... you still have to wait one more week mississippi state and ole miss get back in action on the gridiron next weekend both team's with away games to open up the season mississippi state will be in new orleans taking on louisiana and ole miss is headed to memphis to match-up to the tigers both of those games kick off saturday at 11 a- m...msu is on espnu, and ole miss will be available to watch on abc we'll have highlights here on wcbi as well it might still be early but a couple of missisippi state team's getting into some action this weekend women's soccer hosting byu....the bulldogs fall 2-1 in a close match- up...they head to eastern washington on friday and women's volleyball testing the waters in an exhibition against belmont...bulldo gs get the win in four sets...3-1 they host the starkvegas classic next weekend with two weeks before the start of the n-f-l regular season...a bomb dropped on not just indianapolis but the league and the nation colts starting quarterback andrew luck has retired from the game...and upon indy losing to chicago on saturday, the news leaked luck had been out of practice due to a calf strain and finally decided after years of injuries in the league that it was time to step away the news left fans angry and many shocked at the news, including former mississippi state quarterback and dallas cowboy dak prescott "the little bit i know of him, i'v been able to talk to him before a game and share a little bit of things and respect him so so much on the field off the field.

That's his decision.

Everybody's entitled to that.

I don't think it's fair for any of us to make any opinions about what he has going on.

So respect his decision.

Wish him the best.

One of my favorite players to watch around the league and learn little things from so hate to see a great player like that leave the game.he's a competitor.

One of the best competitors.

A strong guy.

Sometimes people forget how athletic he is.

A very athletic quarterback .

Tough, can make all the throws and make all the plays.

Obviously, he's a great leader and like i said somebody that i've looked up to in the game watching him in college, watching what he's done in the pros.

Had an amazing season last year putting his team in the playoffs and doing what they did.

As i said i respect him so much."

Football might be back...but baseball isn't going anywhere...highli ghts from the braves game is next an update on former ole miss wide receiver d-k metcalf after sustaing a knee injury before the seahawks preseason match-up to minnesota, metcalf underwent surgery on tuesday it seems everything went according to plan...head coach pete caroll said the rookie receiver will be active next week carroll also saying that metcalf's knee has no swelling... the seahawks open the season against cincinnati on september 8th the atlanta braves taking on the new york mets trying to stay on top in the n-l east top 2nd...met's steven matz deals to josh donaldson...he pops one up to left but the wind gets ahold of it and carries it over the wall..he gets the solo home run braves go up 1-0 early bottom 4th...j.d.

Davis at the plate...lifts one into left...the winds doing a lot of work but adam duvall makes the catch just shy of the wall... the clutch play keeps the braves in the lead bottom of the 6th...dallas keuchel strikes out pete alonso looking and then again strikes out michael conforto to put an end to the inning top 7th...mets on the mound and donaldson back at the plate...lines one deep to right center and that baby is gone..donaldso n gets his second solo homer of the game braves leading 2- zip same inning...duvall fouls one off on the first base side...alonso fights the wind and then makes the catch right at the dugout railing..a great play for new york bottom 9th...runners on the corner and 1 out for the mets...todd frazier chops one to third...the braves get the force at 2nd but frazier beats the throw to 1st and alonso scores runners now on 1st and 2nd...2 outs for the mets..but the braves get the grounder right out to 1st...that will end the game and the braves finish out the weekend with the sweep atlanta goes on to top new york 2-1 some more scores from around major league baseball..

The cubs hosting the nationals at wrigley field this weekend...washin gton gets the victory 7-5 over chicago along with the series sweep the cardinals playing the rockies in st louis...the cards come out with the win 11- 4...winning all 4 games in the series against colorado we're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have a final look at weather.

Summer may be winding down, but some movies are still going strong... and others are just getting started.

David daniel has a look at the early weekend box office numbers.

"fast and furious presents hobbs and shaw" fell to fift place, reeling in eight-point- one million dollars.

"the lio king" made eight-point-one-fiv million dollars, for fourth place and a domestic total of 511-million.

"i don't like running.

Don't die don't die!"

The faith-based film "overcomer" overca expectations and debuted in third place with eight-point- two million.

"this is sensual harassment.

"we'll tell everyone tha you're a misogynist."

"i've never 'misogged' anyone!

"good boys" dropped second place, picking up 11- million dollars.


They'r drones!"

Also to go to the movies sponsor showers out there in the tomorrow and we send it to some body storms and went to sleep all that out here whether for the end of the week and beginning of in the shower and most are a lot better


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