8 Reasons Why Snow Makes You Happy
8 Reasons Why Snow Makes You Happy

8 , Reasons Why , Snow Makes You Happy.

Even though many people experience depression in the winter, snow can also provide the following positive effects if you're open to them, HuffPost reports.


It promotes a sense of wonder, "Snow brings change, newness and a fresh take on the world," according to psychologist and HuffPost blogger Sandi Mann.


It exudes relaxing vibes, A fresh snowfall never fails to provide a sense of calm.

It stirs up childhood memories, "Snow is the most natural substance (other, perhaps than sand) that is associated with childhood, and so many of us find hard to resist reverting back to happier, more carefree days," Mann says.

It provides fun, You're never too old to go sledding, build a snowman or take part in a snowball fight!.

It forces us to live in the moment, There's something special about being the first person to make footprints in a fresh blanket of snow as you connect with your serene surroundings.

It brings people together, Whether it's a loved one or a pet, snuggling up on the couch after a long day in the cold is nothing short of magical.

It reminds us of nature's beauty, Snow has a way of illuminating things we may have overlooked before.

It doesn't stick around forever, Snow's fleeting existence makes it all the more special, especially when it gives way to spring's new beginning