The Artful Dodger
The Artful Dodger

The Artful Dodger Trailer - limited series - Hulu - An irreverent follow-up to Charles Dickens’ classic novel, “Oliver Twist,” the new series The Artful Dodger explores the double life of Jack Dawkins — Dickens’ famous prince of thieves.

- Plot Synopsis: THE ARTFUL DODGER explores the adult double life of Charles Dickens' famous prince of thieves, Jack Dawkins aka The Artful Dodger, whose fast pickpocketing fingers have turned into the skilled hands of a surgeon.

Set in 1850s Australia, in the lively colony of Port Victory, Dodger's past returns to haunt him with the arrival of Fagin, luring him back into a world of crime.

A greater threat -- to Dodger's heart -- is Lady Belle, the Governor's daughter, determined to become the colony's first female surgeon.

From heists to life-and-death surgeries to the harsh realities of the criminal world mingling with the middle ground and gentry, this is a tale of reinvention, betrayal, redemption, and love with a twist.

Directed by Jeffrey Walker, Corrie Chen, Gracie Otto (various episodes) starring Thomas Brodie-Sangster, David Thewlis, Maia Mitchell, Damon Herriman, Tim Minchin, Miranda Tapsell, Susie Porter, Damien Garvey, Kym Gyngell, Vivienne Awosoga, Albert Latailakepa release date November 29, 2023 (on Hulu)