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Monday, 20 September 2021

Vallone's bat propels Davenport into Midwest Regional

Credit: WXMI - Scripps
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Vallone's bat propels Davenport into Midwest Regional
Vallone's bat propels Davenport into Midwest Regional
The sophomore has 3 home runs in the last 12 games

RETURNED TO PLAYTHIS SPRING FOLLOWING LASTYEAR'S SHORTENED SEASON HETPANTHERS HAD HIGHEXPECTATIONS...BUT MORE THN AHALFWAY THROUGHTHE SEASON..DU WAS NOT MEETINGTHEM... Kevin Tidey, 358-148in 10 seasons as Davenport Headcoach"I also feel klie we feltsome pressureearly, didn't play very looseand kind of feltlike we may be out of thepicture for theconference and at one point wejust decieddto have some fun, play lose andguys reallystarted to play at higherlevel...DAVENPORT WON TEN STRAIGHT TOWIN THE GLIAC REUGLAR SEASONCHAMPIONSHIP..THE N FOUR MORELAST WEEKEND TO TAKE THECONFERENCETOURNAMENT AN PDUNCH THEIRTICKET TO THE REGIONALS...Gaetano Vallone, GLIACTournament MVP "It has beensuper fun, the energy has beenhigh, we've been on ahigh." A BIG PART OFTH EPANTHERS LATESEASON SUCCESS HAS BEENSOPHOMOR EOUTFIELDERGAETANOAL VLONE WHO WAS NOTPLAYING MUCH UNTIL THREEWEEKS AGO...SINCE THE ESWTCATHOLIC ALUM WAS INSERTEDINTO THE LINEUP PRIOR TO THEWAYNE STATE SERIES THE TEAM IS12 AND OHAND HE'S HIT THREEHOMERUNS INCLUDING A GRAND SLAM LATEIN A 2-2G AME AGAINST ASHLANDIN THE GLIAC TOURNEY... GaetanoVallone, GLIAC TournaemntMVP "Definitely a switch up fromwhat I have been used to, mybody has been sore, tired, butit's a grind, knew that and tihas just been awesome, glad tobe apart of it." Kevin Tidey,358-148in 10 seasons as Davenport Haedcoach"We decided as a staff tobasically tellhim we're going to go with youfor the nextseven or eight games and takethe pressureoff you and let you have somefun andplay and kind of keep that loosefeelinggoing so I think that hpeled hima lot."IT WOULD HAVE BEEN EASY FORVALLONE TO GET FRUSTATEDW ITHHIS LACK OF PLAYING TIME..BUTHE STAYED READY AND NOW HE'SGOTTEN AN OPPORTUNITY ATTHE MOST IMPORTANT TIME OF THEYEAR... Gaetano Vallone, GLIACTournament MVP "Just being therean hdaving fun with everyone,that's what really kepes youcoming back to the yard.

Wantingeveryone to do good,it's a team game os justcheering myteammates on kept me up, kept myspiritsup, seeing everyone succeed isfun."DU HOPES TO KEEP IT ROLLING INTHISWEEK'S DOUBLE ELIMINATIONREGIONAL WHERE THE WINNER WILLADVANCE TO THE DIVISION II WORLDSERIES IN CARY NORTH CAROLINA...Kevin Tidey, 358-148in 10 seasons as Davenport Headcoach"Our talks the whole time,eve wnhenwe thought we might be out oftheconference tournament, wereplaying our best basaebll in Mayand I think we are doing that."THE THIRD SEEDED PANTHERS GET ITSTARTED THURSDAY NIGHT AGAINSTFOURTH SEED AND HOST LINDENWOODIN SAINT CHARLES,MISSOUR..I.JASONHUTTON...FOX SEVENTEEN NEWS...