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Thursday, 24 June 2021

tournament impacts during ncaaa

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tournament impacts during ncaaa
tournament impacts during ncaaa
tournament impacts during ncaaa


March makes people a little "mad" over college hoops... but for local bar and restaurant employees... it's left them feeling pretty good after a challenging year.

News 10's bri shackelford shares how the n-c-a-a tournament has benefitted local business.

Bri/intr} many people weren't able to watch march madness last year because of the pandemic.

So when fans heard the tournament was happening this year.many people tuned in to watch the games.

Pk} whether that be at a friends place...or even at local bars.

Many local bars have seen an increase with customers coming in just to watch the games.

One bar that has seen this increase is the copper bar here in terre haute.

""march is typically a crazy busy month for us anyways.

You have st.

Patty's day, then you have the tournament, and it's always just a busy month.

But we kind of missed out on all of that last year.

So i think with the games coming back, and it being in indianapolis, i think there's just an extra buzz."

Linn says compared to last year at this is booming.

He says he believes there are two reasons why he's seeing so many customers the first..restrictions lifting at the perfect time allowing more people to feel comfortable coming out.

The second..since the games are happening so close to home.many people are wanting to stay local to watch.

But.linn says he's also seeing a different crowd coming in to watch the games.

"we benefit a lot from having the hilton garden inn and the candlewood suites down the street.

So, i've definitely had a few people that i've ran into passing through to go to the tournament."

Linn says once the tournament is over he expects business to slow back down.

But he says right now he's just enjoying seeing people in his bar once again.

Bri/outr} remember... you can watch the championship game on w-t-h-i monday night at 9.

Back to you.