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Sunday, 16 May 2021

Covid Concern PSA campaign

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Covid Concern PSA campaign
Covid Concern PSA campaign

A new PSA campaign addresses concerns people have with the safety of the Covid vaccine.


Because of the potential side effects, there are still some people hesistant to get the vaccine.

A new p-s-a campaign is trying to change that, to show the shot is safe, and address any concerns.

News 12's kenan scott has the details.

Since the rollout of the various covid-19 vaccines now available to an increasing number of americans, there have been those who remain skeptical about the vaccines' effectiveness.

Thanks to a collaboration with the ad council and the infectious diseases society of america, a group of medical experts are hoping to address those concerns.

Dr. anna person with vanderbilt university medical center says that the vaccines are safe and effective, and are the quickest way to achieve herd immunity and return to normal life.

"i think that it's clear that the vaccination is really the first and more important step forward to getting back to life as we used to know it.

To gathering with friends and family to go to sporting events and live music, those sort of things can only be made possible when we reach sort of herd immunity through vaccination."

When asked about those who are skeptical regarding the speed of the vaccine rollout, chattanooga-based pulmonary specialist dr. mike czarnecki says the technology for mrna vaccines has actually been in development for years.

"this technology has been around for fifteen years.

It's evolved in many leaps and bounds since then, but there was never really a financial urgency or worldwide deadly global pandemic urgency either to move it from off the bench to the bedside."

And for those seeking additional answers to the most common questions related to the covid-19 vaccines, they can visit

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