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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Moderna vaccine trials for kids

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Moderna vaccine trials for kids
Moderna vaccine trials for kids

Moderna has expanded its vaccine trials to include children ages six months to eleven years of age, but some parents in Butte County have their concerns.

'moderna' is expanding its covid-19 vaccination trial to children -- ages six months to 11-years old.

Right now -- about 67-hundred children in the u- s and canada are receiving the two-shot vaccine or placebo.

Action news now reporter tori apodaca is live in chico.

Tori, you spoke with some parents, how do they feel about the idea of vaccinating their children?

Debbie, most are not on board yet with the idea of vaccinating their kids so early when the vaccine was just given emergency authorization use in december.

Dr anthony fauci says that elementary schools kids should likely be able to be vaccianted by the very first quarter of 2022.

But michelle friedrichs, mother of a three-year-old and one and a half-year-old is not jumping at the idea of using kids in the moderna kidcove study.

She thinks that there is not enough evidence that kids are major spreaders of the virus.

Michelle friedrichs, lives in chico "they sent kids back to daycare before they sent anyone back to work, so i don't think they are really the problem necessarily" the cdc states that while fewer children have been sick with covid-19 compared to adults, children can still be infected and spreaders of the virus.

The trial on children will use smaller doses than what is being used in adults, but will still require the two injections at least twenty eight days apart.

Other parents i spoke to say they are optimistic that more people are getting vaccinated, but are still hesitant over testing in infants.

At 5, i will tell you whether vaccinating kids is needed to reach herd immunity.

Live in chico, tori apodaca.

Action news now.

Coverage you can count on.

'moderna' is the first of the major three vaccines authorized here in the u.s... to launch a covid-19 vaccine study on children less than twelve years of age.


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