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Sunday, 7 March 2021

nursing home state guidance

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nursing home state guidance
nursing home state guidance
nursing home state guidance

Provided newhops in in homes.

But many ...including familis, nuing home officials and elected leaders....say the 'new' guidance provides little chance of actually getting in a nursing home to visit your loved ones.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris reports.

Karla abraham-onley's mher diedin a nr others in nursing home and their families continues.

And she says the only hope for visitation the new state guidance provides is false hope .

None .

None 13:52 "it is no different.

It is no diffferent so i think the false hope here is "oh, yawe'ree not.

I knew if fron day one.

No, you're not."

Stand up sitrin healthcare in new hartford doesn't currently meet the criteria to resume visitation on friday.

28:18 "fielding phone calls constantly" and neither does utica rehabitation anursing.

Tys dippointing and qte nestly it is sappointingto us ag home.... 27:14one thing tt is oped up a little b is our opportunity for compassionate care visits where you don't necessarily have to be end of life to grant a visit to a family member" what most say is the prohibitive criteria: a facility must be covid - free 14 days 28:04 "not huge numbers but all it takes is one.

One staff person can restart our clock for 14 days" also questioning the new state guidance; senator joe griffo 20:34 "this needs to wo; notjust out there to make it look good, it's gotta be sometng that really allo for visitation the way it needs to be and should be" 20:20 "we're gonna continue to question and suggest and i'm hopeful that these will be modified jnc2.

> lieutenant governor kathy


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