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Friday, 5 March 2021

Rural counties to distribute vaccines

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Rural counties to distribute vaccines
Rural counties to distribute vaccines
Rural counties to distribute vaccines

Announces another increase in the number of coronavirus vaccines the state will receive each week...including more than 150- thousand this week...more kentucky clinics are now able to give the shots...making it easier for people in rural communities to get them.

Abc 36's chelsea smith explains.

### brittany bobrowski, dr. owsley med clinic: "hopefully we can get the whole county and surrounding areas vaccinated pretty quickly."

People living in owsley... perry... and letcher counties will start receiving the moderna vaccine wednesday... making the vaccine much more accessible in rural communities "a lot of our patients aren't able to travel for vaccines or other health care needs."

The mountain comprehensive health corporation or m-c-h-c will be receiving 400 doses weekly from the department of public health to distribute to four different medical clinics in those counties "by having it locally and available locally those people can easily come to the clinic and get their vaccine."

Doctors say if you are able to get the vaccine you should "it does spread even in the rural communities.

We've seen local outbreaks of it.

And we hope with the vaccine that can eliminate that."

Right now, these vaccines are for phases 1-a and 1-b "healthcare workers, residents or workers in long term care facilities, k-12 personnel in the schools, and ages 70 and up."

You can register online or call to sign up to get the vaccine... you can find those details at in owsley county... chelsea smith abc 36 news ### an update on the power


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