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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Health Watch: American Heart Month

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Health Watch: American Heart Month
Health Watch: American Heart Month
Health Watch: American Heart Month

That signs and are some of those so, christian, what aware of.

You should be heart attack that symptoms of a signs and there are other heart attack, but they're having a heart attack, but there are other signs and symptoms of a heart attack that you should be aware of.

So, christian, what are some of those signs and symptoms that people should be aware of?

Well, you know, there's early warning signs and they're actually quite a bit of, um, um, but they are actually really common.

So yes, like you said, in the tv shows, you see that stereotypical, which is actually a really common, not pain in your chest.

Very common in men, very common in women.

So both something.


You see it on tv, but not to be dismissed.

That is, that is a really common one, but they're not all that unmistakable that sudden, that sudden sign that you're having a heart attack.

In fact, there's a lot of patients, um, who feel just pressure in their chest.

I feel them describe it as an elephant is sitting on their chest.

Very common to feel just pressure in your chest.

Not necessarily pain.

I will also see patients.

So it's really common for them to feel pain in different areas of their body.

So not only just the left arm, but you may feel pain in your right on that radiates, starting from the top, radiates down, you may feel it in one arm right.

Or left, or you may feel it in both of your arms. you will also see, um, pain in your neck.

You'll see it in your jaw and you'll see it in your back.

And patients will describe the back pain as a rope, as being tied around them and it's being fold tight.

So kind of that seems like an autumn, but it's also a very common early warning sign.

Sometimes you'll feel just short of breath and that can be accompanied by chest pain or pressure or not.

It may just be that you're short of breath doing something that you're not normally short of breath doing.

Um, like just walking to the refrigerator or something like that.

Um, you may also feel nauseated or unusually fatigued.

Now i will say in women, some of the very common signs that you're having a heart attack are.

Short that shortness of breath, that back pain, that, um, job pain and that, um, nausea and vomiting.

And a lot of times women will dismiss these signs as they're just the flu symptoms, which is why we call that a whole separate category of silent heart attacks.

Because a lot of people have these early warning signs, these vague signs, and they won't get treatment for them because yes, it looks like maybe covid, it looks like the flu.

It looks ke a cold.

And what happens is they end up damaging their heart to the point of.

It's a repairable.

And what we say in our businesses time is muscle.

T nr that you go noteatghfact d having a heart attack, um, the, the higher chance that you.

W i will say if you're having e common signs and symptoms, may not be a heart attack.


Itabjust the flu, but if you aren gh risk tegory and youe having theserlyy portant to go get checked out.


High-risk category.

If you are obese, if you were diabetic, if you had a previous heart attack, that's really, really crucial.

If you had a previous heart attack, these could be really important for you to get to the hospital.

If you're a smor.

Um, if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or you have that story of a if you'rk category, knowi ese early rning signs is really gonna ke a difference that you can go and you can get help if you have that feeling.

But i also see a lot of patients tell mesos well, it just didn't feel rightt your gut.

Trust your instinct, especially if you're in that high risk category.

What, what ould you do?

Someone's having heart attack.

Immediately call nine one one, like i said, timer art attacks.

It's one of the greatest things that medicine s donever the decades is, isa de that's the quickest way really get them to the hospital andino rough the ambulance and getersd ke sure that you were rushed.

All the way through so that youo


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