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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Chobani Documentary features utica migrant population

Credit: WKTV
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Chobani Documentary features utica migrant population
Chobani Documentary features utica migrant population

A new 45 minute documentary called "Moving Humanity Forward" debuted on VICE and on Monday, February 15th and it highlights Utica's refugee population.

Channel two's gary liberatore watched it...and has a preview for us.

"born in the turkish mountains, the son of a kurdish shepherd's family, businessman hamdi ulukaya is calling for a radical change.."

This is not a documenatry about the successofe success of a humanitarian.... tc : 01:22 "hamdi is the ceo of chobani, the company but beyond behind the number one greek yogurt in america, tayhasn ...executive director of the refugee center in utica..osimpln bleecker street in utica.wintevs documentary...but she's now watched it, since it was just unveiled this past week... (shelly callahan, executivedire) .

None .

None tc : 06:26 "i thought they really did agreat e ployer side andow itically impoant it is tthe reae for quite a while now, we need them to come to our communities and they really do add so much."

The kraft yogurt plant in west edmeston...a short 35 minute down route 8 from utica closed in 2005... (hamdi, ulukaya, founder, chobani) tc : 03:15 "so i'm going through my mail and there's this junk mail and it says fully equipped yogurt plan for sale, literally coming from a real estate agent and i throat just like everything else i throw it in the garbage and then i pick it back up and i called the number after half an hour three months later, hamdi ulukaya, who had recently relocated to utica...from turkey, purchased the plant on borrowed money.... (peter mcguinness, president and coo of chobani) tc : 01:26 "hhired m the plant and then demandgrew, e expanded the plant we needed to hire an awesome wonderful work for us and he reached outtn utica."

Yes, and the rest is history...a billion dollar company out of an old run downpe refer to as the american dream... but ulukaya has shared his wealth in the company by giving 10 percent of the company's stock to employees... tc : 06:35 "i really believe that everyone works and company should have some kind of access to wealth that is being generated byeverye new model."

Now ulukay's goal, is to spread his business model of employing refugees...across the world.... tc : 22:26 "how do you convince companies to invest in refugees& they've got to get a taste of it..."

Ironically it's the taste his yy ultimately change the world... in utica, where now 25 percent of the city's population are refugees or immigrants... tc : 08:55 "i hope everybody takes pride in the story that is told here because it is remarkable, yes other places do this refugee resettlement but utica just does it as well or better than anyone else."

Gary liberatore, news channel 2.> again, the documentary 'moving humanity forward' can be seen on 'vice'.

You can just log on to after a long wait, hockey

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