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Monday, 8 March 2021

Oroville Mayor, Chuck Reynolds, tests positive for COVID-19

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Oroville Mayor, Chuck Reynolds, tests positive for COVID-19
Oroville Mayor, Chuck Reynolds, tests positive for COVID-19

Action News Now spoke with the Oroville Mayor on Friday about his recovery after testing positive for COVID-19 on Feb.


Open the covid-19 quarantine will end this weekend for oroville's mayor chuck reynolds.

The mayor tested positive on valentine's day.

And he had no idea he had it..

Action news now reporter kristian lopez spoke with the mayor today about his recovery.

### pkg kristian: oroville mayor chuck reynold's positive covid case is what prompted the cancellation of tuesday's council meeting here at oroville city hall.

Mayor chuck reynolds/ oroville: i think part of it for me was a little psychological when i tested positive that i felt a little under the weather but not bad.

Kristian: there's been some critism online, people saying you met for lunch with some other leaders on the 12th?

Mayor reynolds: it was outside dining, that is allowed.

I don't want to talk about names of restaurants or people, they've all been notified, whoever i was with was notified and they are taking the proper steps for precautions.

Kristian: when you went to that lunch, were you guys wearing masks?

Mayor reynolds: whenever you go to a restaurant you wear a mask until you get to your table.

Reynolds says his isolation ends in just a few days and he plans to be back at work monday.

Mayor chuck reynolds: the reality is that i had no symptoms, i had no idea, so the only way, it was a fluke thing that i went and got a test and it was positive.

Kristian: 5 other city employees have been in quarantine after being exposed to mayor reynolds but so far none have shown any symptoms, in oroville.

Kristian lopez action news now coverage you can count on.

Representatives for senator jim nielsen and assemblyman james gallagher confirmed with action news now they were with reynolds at that lunch and both tested*negative.

Congressman doug lamalfa's office confirms he was also there ..and is still awaiting

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