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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Good Word: politicians sledding

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Good Word: politicians sledding
Good Word: politicians sledding

Chip Chapman shows us sledding video of Tennessee's House Speaker and Governor this week in the Good Word.

Chip chapman to i were brought in by robert.

We always like in the week.

All of our notes here on ships.

Good news, there was some tough sledding for tennessee lawmakers this week and we mean that quite literally, it seems like most of the rest of us, the politicians just could not stay out of the snow first speaker of the house, cameron sexton ejaculate big hill right outside of the state ... and then not to be outdone, not by a long shot tennessee gov.

Bill ... goalie here.

This is how we ... not sure is screaming the loudest governor or the kids that we can only imagine how th pundits will be describing these videos over the coming days, bu wilts are you this, the speaker ends up literally in the middle- of-the-road and the governor goes down the hill backwards sledding.

Of course one of thos many activities that will humbl us all.

Hey, if you have some good news that you would like t share.

We would like to pass it along or yeah, even some sledding videos just email them to us or link us to it through our facebook.

I just happened.

I hope you have safe and happy weekend and hope you'll join


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