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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Push for Childcare Funding

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Push for Childcare Funding
Push for Childcare Funding
Creating Daycare stability

First tonigh has pushed child care options to the brink and put providers at risk of going out of business according to minnesota's junior u?

"*s senator.

Kimt new three's jessica bringe joins us live in rochester with how senator tina smith is working to stabilize child care for families and providers across the u?



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"* many new parents and guardians face the question of where to find child care and how to afford it.

Senator smith wants to make that decision easier..

She says childcare should be part of basic economic infrastructur e just like housing and transportatio n.

She's pushing for 50 billion dollars to stabilize the child care system across the country during the pandemic.

10 billion has already been secured but she says 40 billion more is needed for the economy and more importantly the point here is that this is important not only for our economic stability and sustainability and as we grow out of this but of course it's really important for these little ones who need a safe, secure place to be where they can learn and they can grow so they'll be ready to go to preschool and to kindergarten.?

Smith says the 10 billion dollars secured as part of the covid relief package in december allocated 135 million dollars to minnesota for child care funding.

Live in rochester, jessica bringe kimt news 3.

Thank you jessica.

Smith says the proposed 40 billion dollars would reach providers through state grants.

It would then be used by facilities to pay salaries, provide personal protective equipment and improve necessary equipment.


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