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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Small business Gladiator Care gets a boost by The Bert Show

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Small business Gladiator Care gets a boost by The Bert Show
Small business Gladiator Care gets a boost by The Bert Show

After struggling all year long, Gladiator Care in Fort Wayne got the boost they desperately needed.


After struggling all year long, one small business in fort wayne got the boost they desperately needed.

Fox 55's brianna dahlquist explains how one phone call made it all happen!

"i could not believe it; it was like christmas eve!"

For jeanette brown it all started with a call for help ... brown dialed into the nationally syndicated radio show the bert show for his 'save my small business segment.

She was sure it would go unanswered"i was afraid that i missed it.

I hurried up and i called the number and left the massage..

It was the next day!"

Within 24 hours browne's massage therapy and healing business, "gladiator care" went from wondering if someone would walk through the doors..

To booked and busy!

"the website started getting hits, i got direct messages from people asking questions about the services and a few phone calls and a few sessions booked which is awesome!browne opened up shop in december of 2019, just months before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

"i've really just been scraping by.

I have been for a few months in the black.

I'm able to make rent and invest back into the business but i have not been able to pay myself and i'm prioritizing how the money i do make gets spent."

Browne says they've worked hard to keep the business sanitary and safe ...because she believes people need to prioritize their physical and mental health as much as ever "massage therapy and reiki, both are great for fighting depression and anxiety and things of that nature.

So many of us are dealing with that because we've been in this pandemic for a year now and we're kind of over it."

Browne says taking care of yourself shouldn't break your bank.

"just $35 will get you a 30- minute session and you will leave here better than you came...i can promise you that!"

In fort wayne, i'm brianna dahlquist.

Fox 55 news.


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