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Monday, 8 March 2021

Winter storm delays Indiana COVID-19 vaccine expansion plans

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Winter storm delays Indiana COVID-19 vaccine expansion plans
Winter storm delays Indiana COVID-19 vaccine expansion plans

A winter storm that coated Indiana with heavy snow has disrupted thousands of coronavirus vaccine appointments and delayed the state’s timeline for expanding shots to additional populations.

The state health departments says more than 43-thousand vaccine appointments were impacted by the weather this week.

More than 80 clinics closed around the state.chief medical officer doctor lindsay weaver says the state has also experienced delays of vaccine shipments due to the recemt bad weather across the state.

The cdc says if you receive your second dose of the vaccine within 42 days it will still provide full coverage.

If your second dose comes more than 42 days from the first one, the recommendation is to still go ahead and get that second dose.due to the delay in shipments the vaccine eligibility will continue to be only for hoosiers 65 and older.

Because of these issues.

We will keep our current eligibility at hoosiers age 65 and older.

Once the vaccine deliveries get back on schedule, our plan is to open eligibility up to hoosiers aged 60 to 65.

Indiana has received more than one point million dosed of the covid-19 vaccines...but some could not be administered.

One hundred 72 doses were unusable.

Some of these are because a vial or syringe broke.

The cdc also considers a dose wasted if the clinic doesn't get every single dose from a doctor lindsay weaver says wastage amounts to about one 100 of a percent she says the credit goes to our vaccine clinics and all the hard work they are doing to make sure that every dose gets to someone who is eligible

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