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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Lex Pub Library: Comics & Graphic Novel Collection 2/17/2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Lex Pub Library: Comics & Graphic Novel Collection 2/17/2021
Lex Pub Library: Comics & Graphic Novel Collection 2/17/2021

Bill Widner of Lexington Public Library and 88.1 FM, WRFL talks about the library's Comic Book and Graphic Novel Bulletin and collection.

On sunday and feel great in a few showers on monday ... just keep concertedly half from putting the swimming on that the can do it thank you mike library branches united and resources program define pretty much like you like to explore doing us by phone with details and i can still use the library during the pandemic is no widener the shell that would proceed, either going to is you can also use it when you close which is the case today because obvious the winter weather has has played havoc on every thing and what things it might want to cuddle up with is books and actually offer those correct yo, no longer awarded: for the look you begin your old kids and you still coming how are these and there's a lot you know that the company ... that is true fortunately the more people the more that we are to develop on this one reason something listlessly wit several years to basically orde whatever i want the budget on the chart really with what we would reflect yours so we can more easily material on your, such as directors to bring criticism from some documents o one side you the other disputes regarding your go, adult mongolia kids margo we do, to the historical comics a lot of what you a lot of the of the electronic social worker wonderful graphical is based on the principle review the situation by teachin them to deliver their trauma but right now, for the with all the leeway what's your favorite and if you're going to pick and choose some of these what's what's your a reversion to look at a big fan of your with these things easy, they were a small company that the electric bill for years with the religion, literary they are also very grisly but until oh 1 am, 100 and comics, but the opening of a literature that we order order you are strictly for a siege, by following light, like to get into it more dull and more staff and patrons right now because the ... if you the we want to do, so you know a lot of wonderful messages with children which are growing as a show dog and lunch lady in the resource like the but there's all you know you love gingerroo, among among the other girls on the model, obesity, your comments are read by both the adults and kids and the whatever of a number of the program goes to work so that people are discovering what you have go to our website and the all the things we doubled eloquently an physically huge physical collection know if you want to "the old will we get the books we both will buckle the bill thank you so much but i'm not a chat with we really appreciate it, but so much for my on the screen and the goat available and the just want to you to understand and appreciate it

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