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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Power companies give help

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Power companies give help
Power companies give help

Whether they got hit by ice or not.

Local power companies are helping our neighbors cope with the deep southern freeze.

At 11.

The recent winter weather left thousands of tennesseans without power.

And things are a lot worse in other parts of the south.

News 12's dorothy sherman shows us how local folks are doing their part to get everyone's lights back on.

She has tonight's... top local story.

These photos from ronald boston shows snow blanketing coalmont in grundy county.

It's one of the counties duck river electric covers.

They've been dealing with thousands of reported power outages in the 16 counties they serve.

Sequachee valley electric cooperative shared this photo on social media saying they were sending line workers to help out.

Epb construction and preventative maintenance manager grant carriker: "in this instance we were very fortunate and the storm didn't really hit us much at all."

Epb is also helping areas in need, not just in tennessee.

Epb construction and preventative maintenance manager grant carriker: "we received a couple of requests to release contract crews.

So far we've released four, four contract crews, two to louisiana, one in cookeville, tennessee and one to kentucky."

Nats winter weather iced roads in lafayette, louisiana.

And, in kentucky, snow covered the streets.

Epb crews will be assisting in those states as needed.

Epb construction and preventative maintenance manager grant carriker: "typically they're going to be restoring power lines, resetting power lines, resetting poles, whatever their infrastructure for their electrical network needs is what they'll be doing."

The crews could be in those places any where from a couple of days to a week.

Epb construction and preventative maintenance manager grant carriker: "i think during an ice storm like this, it's tough work for the crews, but for them it's very valuable because they know they're putting power back on to home that need it so they can warm up and keep families safe.

I just hope they keep families safe and they're able to get the work done that they can."

As for the area they cover, epb has not had to do anything out of the ordinary.

In chattanooga, dorothy sherman, news 12


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