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Sunday, 28 February 2021

MSU announces new food research facility

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MSU announces new food research facility
MSU announces new food research facility

Mississippi State University is expanding their research footprint with the announcement of a new facility in Jackson County.

Mississippi state university is- expanding their research- footprint with the announcement- of a new facility - in jackson county.- news 25's grant chighizola spok- to economic development - leaders today about the site's- potential impact on the coast - economy.- - jackson county and mississippi- state have joined forces to - place a research center near th- heart of one of the coast's - - - - biggest industries.

Sot-mary- martha henson - "it'll be focused on the seafoo industry, the aquaculture - industry.

Very much what drives- a lot of the gulf coast."

- - - the northern gulf aquatic food- research center will be - built at the sunplex technology- park along highway 57 - in ocean springs and feature- laboratories to assist the- state's - seafood workers, along with a - pilot plant for - product development.- standup - "economic development leaders also say that this project and- facility will - have big impacts for local- consumers as well."

Sot-mary martha henson- "looking at food safety and water quality and all the thing- that make sure- our food supply is safe and - clean."

Teams of scientists from m-s-u,- other universities, and - government agencies will conduc- - - - research at the new center, - resulting in around 40 new jobs- sot-george freeland - "it's a means by which to pull talent base, to pull a thought- process, and to pull highly-- qualified individuals, and- highly-trained and educated - - - individuals into the community.- and jackson county economic - development foundation- president george freeland says- this announcement - contributes to the growth of- - - - more industry within the county- sot-george freeland - "a project like this only supplements a well- established- manufacturing base in - our community, that includes- shipbuilding, petrochemical, a- broad array of- advanced manufacturing- features."

Jackson county leaders will now- work with m-s-u to set a- timeline- and opening dates for each phas- of the multi-million- dollar project.

- sot-mary martha henson- "this again is that model of diversifying your economy and - making sure we're - prepared for the future."

In jackson county, grant- chighizola, news 25.-

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